justin king former CEO Of sainsburys on newsnight says 40% food shortages on shelves within 2 days of hard brexit

is boris really going to do this?

I need to audit and re-do this. 


Think I've got 3 weeks' supply.

I still have my bottled water from my March stock pile 

probably need to buy more 

and tinned goods 

He also (responsibly) warned against panic buying. That awful presenter should be ashamed. Most anti-Brexit bias I've ever seen. 

Reality starting to creep onto the beeb?


Dux, you must be all a-froth!

In my online shop last week I ordered 4x 6-pack of tinned tomatoes. They (sainsbos) would only let me have 2.  

I really don't eat that many chopped tomatoes as it is. 

They weren't chopped, as it happens.   You can go far with tomatoes, onions, garlic and a range of herbs and spices. 

I suppose I should start stockpiling cornflakes/cereal, although t was looking forward to having an excuse to just hop on to Eurostar and have lunch in a bistro in Paris.

3 ducks I agree that presenter is awful, her bludgeoning, constant interrupting style makes her look stupid, and she never listens to the answer before she continues her rant.

She is angling for more spots on Newsnight, however she only guests when the others are doing other things. Is that the best the BBC can do.


I digress but tinned tomatoes are great as part of a weekend breakfast with some bacon and some form of eggs on toast.

Any idea which 40% of items will be unavailable?  If it includes avocados and mushrooms I'll be fine.

The problem won't be with foods that can keep. It will be fresh stuff or food with short shelf life. Timing margins at the border are so thin that it will spoil before it reaches the shelf.


On the plus side, people will be forced to go back to eating seasonally. More more of this eating strawberries in December shit.

I genuinely suspect people that eat tinned tomatoes as part of a cooked breakfast are serial killers in the making. They ruin everything they touch. 

The UK maintains only 9.8 day's worth of non-perishable food stocks.  This will, of course, be ramped up to perhaps 20ish days, but the warehouse voidspace does not exist to cope beyond that.  It's actually your civic duty to store as much as you can in advance.  But, of course, the Brexit Party Ultras will come around to audit and retrieve it for the benefit of the party.

Sounds like time to get the local shooting enthusiasts in so we've got a couple of hundred pigeons and a chunk of a deer in the freezer.  It'll be like the Christmas we had pigeon for lunch everyday for a week but worse.

And I'm not surprised by the usual wrong'uns who don't have an issue with the texture of fresh tomatoes.

Tinned tomatoes are for pasta sauces or curry sauces (unless you're JarKing Laz)

Unless you are growing the toms yourself, tinned italian tomatoes are far superior to the fresh ones in the UK.


BLT is generally improved by leaving out the T which just makes it a big soggy.

tinned tomatoes on buttered toast?

with extra salt.




I blame boarding school for the above ^^

have never met a man that went to boarding school who could cook properly 

I can cook just fine but I just dislike the texture of raw tomato and especially cherry tomatoes and the way they burst in your mouth.

I do a great chicken, bacon and sweetcorn sandwich with slightly spicy mayo.

am not panic buying food (given that as others have pointed out, it's going to affect fresh stuff) but I am getting worried about medications....

it's going to affect non-fresh too.  It's easier to store pasta/rice/pulses than it is fruit and veg, but it still needs to be stored - if there are particular things you like, stock up as it's likely to be scarce and will be more expensive.

every time I look at this thread I see more things i'm going to run out of and buy more for the stockpile


I think food shortages will only be temporary 

job losses on the other hand...






tinned tomatoes

tinned tuna

tinned sweetcorn

frozen peas

lots of packs of mince


bottled water

unscented thin bleach (2ml per litre of boiled water should make it potable)




yeast sachets



Why not just strain and boil your water?

Right that's sorted the list of stuff to buy when I sail over to France.

Food shortages will be temporary ofc.  It may be the first time a country has put *itself* under siege, it will almost be intriguing. 

that's the most galling thing linda, it's all so FUCKING STUPID :(

strain it through coffee filters/cheesecloth is fine, but boiling requires electricity, so best to have the bleach too.

I'm going to go all Frieda from Orange is the New Black

"have never met a man that went to boarding school who could cook properly"

That's factually incorrect. You've met me and I'm an ace cook.

Boiling only requires electricity if you use an electric kettle or have the misfortune to have an electric hob.

3-ducks - imagine a world where you don't have an imaginary wife, and imagine you have friends... with me?


Now - you're hosting a dinner party for 8 people. One of them is a bit older, but looks after herself - and dresses well (Tory blue twinset and nice, sturdy mid-height heels in matching blue, pearls etc.).  Like a fitter Andrea Leadsom.


What is your three-course dinner party for a group, but designed to woo this beautiful woman?

Prawn Cocktail

A fancy large vol au vent


I assume she loves everything 70's.

can you work out a way to serve the prawns in some sort of pastry?

Sails if there is no electricity there is unlikely to be gas 

I know but there's this other cunning thing called fire which is readily available if you live in the country.

Also given the reliance in this country on gas for cooking I suspect the government will use any available power to keep mains gas pumping.

Some of us also have access to oil fired cooking devices and a good stock of oil.

depending on  your set up oil fired agas need an electric pump.  gravity in some cases works okay (or sufficient to keep a very low heat)


I believe it's gravity fed as still had hot food in 1987 despite having no electricity for several weeks.  The tank is at the top of a hill above the kitchen.

Tune in again next week for another edition of ‘Sailo bosses the knockers and the doubters”.

You know you can just buy water purification tablets in Boots, right guys? No need for bleach or boiling water.

But Anna what if they run out with the rest of the drugs?

To be fair a water shortage is the least of my worries as I've got a large pond fed by run off from buildings.

Brexit is gonna be bad and all but the taps drying up seems like quite an unlikely consequence. 

I don't have room to stockpile anyway, I  only live in a tiny weeeny flat- not a lot of cupboard space

What FT said. 

If you stockpile any food you are literally mental. 

it will also serve in the event of a hard winter.


either way


People panic buying is the thing that will create shortages. 

Only selfish and stupid twats will panic buy. 

99% of them will be the worst of the Remoaners. 

So any food shortages will be caused by the remoaners who will moan about it and blame Brexit. 



If there is a problem which there may well be surely (and I am as anti Brexit as you get in saying this) that's as much down to supermarkets, Sainsbury's included, maximising profits by adopting the "just in time" delivery approach as hard Brexit?

If we are having proper planning for Hard Brexit then the government (if indeed we have one worthy of the name) should have been pushing the supermarkets much harder on storing more stock (obv can't be done for perishables) and moving away from "just in time" to deal with this?  Has been over 3 years to deal with this. 

This is a problem not only of the insanity of Brexit (at least on WTO terms/no deal) and of having no meaningful govt and opposition but also very much of the supermarkets own making/greed as well.

Where are they going to store this extra stock,their space is finite.

BST, how much extra warehouse space do you think supermarkets should have acquired in the last three years to prepare for the no deal Brexit most people (including most politicians) promised us would never happen?

It's probably just as good an idea (if not more so) for individuals with the space and the funds to build their own private stockpiles well in advance, thus freeing up supermarket warehouse space.

Brexit is gonna be bad and all but the taps drying up seems like quite an unlikely consequence. 

The chemicals used to treat water are imported and are in the government's top five list of urgent essentials.

They could have chosen to expand warehouse space (clearly space is not finite).  They have chosen not to do that to protect profits.

That may very well be a reasonable approach to take, that is a political matter and it depends how free market you are or at what point you believe some regulation is acceptable.

Nonetheless that is a choice of the supermarkets.  Seems clear they are trying to avoid this choice being part of the discussion from what King has said in terms of the likely blame game if this happens.

Owners of warehouses are loving this as after years of struggling to find tenants they are just renting everything that's empty to people stocking up.

Your point that they were led to believe it would never happen by a govt, which also made no meaningful plans for Hard Brexit, is a much better one I think Lady Penelope.  But if the govt had been planning properly some pushing of the supermarkets, poss including regulatory intervention on this, is something that should have at least been discussed IMO

Didn't Boris Johnson say the chances of a no deal Brexit were "a million to one" about five weeks ago? (Shortly before refusing to talk to the other side unless they did what they had already said repeatedly they were not going to do?)

I mean, I can see why businesses might not take hugely expensive and in certain cases practicably impossible measures to protect against a political outcome which everyone knows is madness and which should be entirely preventable.

Outside forces have gaslighted the british population to self-harm. 

I've been stockpiling for a few weeks now. As mentioned on other threads, I'm a big fan of thorough preparation. When buying at supermarkets I've also been choosing one item at random and buying up all available stock. Two weeks ago it was black shoe laces. Last week it was raisins. This week it'll be haribo - all varieties. I'm trying to see if I can get the local press, and then no doubt the Daily Mail, to start running panic buying stories about weird items. I shall report back if successful.

Items that I've mainly been stockpiling are:

- ammo (mixture of 9mm, .45 acp, .308 and 50 bmg api)

- bottled water

- toilet roll

- salt, sugar, pepper

- comfortable fit chinos

- batteries and suitable communications equipment

- beef jerky

- rope

- e45 cream

- wood

- cable ties

- black shoe laces, raisins and haribo

- compound bow and mixture of hunting arrows

- beard conditioner

I'm also in the process of putting extra security in place on my main property - reinforced door and window frames, bullet proof glass windows, fencing capable of resisting 30-50 feral hogs, drill and kick proof locks, auto-targeting sentry turrets. Just the usual.

I was in the process of doing all this anyway, but then Brexit came along so I had to speed up my planning slightly.

"comfortable fit chinos"

Pleated, or flat-front?

Both - different styles for different scenarios. Both have a place.

Putting the question of whether we should or shouldn't leave without a deal, if the government/civil service believes there will be food shortages as a result, the only responsible action is to implement rationing.  It is not responsible to cause panic (and hence panic buying) by warning of the impending shortages.  As a country we have a problem with over-eating and I'm sure that we could get by for a few months without 40% of our current consumption.  

The BoJo government isn't going to impose rationing while we are still in the EU, FFS.

They don't want 30 million people signing a petition demanding a people's vote/revocation of Article 50 because (no shit Sherlock) no deal is actually clearly a really fucking shit idea.

Re toms - according to jamie it is better to buy plums because the best of the crop go into them and the shyt ones get put in the chopped pile.  Think thwy are also cheaper.

what sort of survivalist scenarios call for which sort of chinos?


Surely a pair of red or purple cords would take all manner of zombie goo without showing stains.  Probably a checked shirt and one of those barbour vests that look like a duvet.

Talking of rationing, I wonder what the recent mess over Brexit teaches us about how we would deal with the question of whether to wage war against an enemy that posed an existential threat.  Would we have a referendum on whether to surrender or fight?  If the result was to fight, would need a further referendums on whether to fight on land, sea air etc.?  If to surrender, would we need a further referendum on the terms?