Just when I think I’ve seen it all....

Why?  It's just murals of vaginas.  I don't see what all the fuss and bother is about.

I can honestly say I have never seen an artist commissioned to paint willies on the wall of a bathroom.

What buzz said, doesn't she have anything better to do than fanny about ?

I just don’t see the point.  It’s coarse and unnecessary.

it’s not vaginas Badders it’s vulvas. I think I read somewhere this is part of the point, to reeducate men ( and some women) about female genitalia.

you think you have seen a vagina - you probably haven’t ( unless you are a gynaecologist - are you?)

Minkie - I am aware of the difference and have indeed seen a vagina (and the inside of a womb, courtesy of two c-sections).  I'm using generic terminology.  But your clarification is correct, of course.

Badders in Jack The Ripper late confession shockha.

When I was a wee junior my firm allowed us assocs to host a client event at the RA.  it was their "affordable art" event in the main hall.  the canPes were fine, the booze was flowing.  the problem was the star artists exhibit in a side room.  this year featuring the works of tracey emin.  

fannies everywhere you looked, a sculpture Which when lit up cast a shadow of 20 odd tangled cocks.  and best of all an interactive exhibit where you turned a wheel and made a life sized zebra knob a naked lady (sculpture, not guest).

The reactions of the guests was varied.  HF and PE managers wondered around humming and harring about texture and light and female emancipation.  my accountant mate dave by contrast ran back into the main hall and shouted "HEY WANG THERE IS A STATUE OF A FAT LADY WITH HER FANNY OUT IN HERE, COME ON!"

Heh! It’s a strange fascination for some that I just don’t get.  We all have one or other of those bits and most of us have seen the opposite version a fair few times as well.  So wtf is the point of spreading pictures of them all over the place?  

Have you spoken to your therapist about your issues with female genitalia?

What issue? I don’t want pictures of penii and vulvas all over the place?  Thats not an issue that’s just having a bit of general decency.  What if kids wander in past that sort of stuff? Awkward conversation for which they may not yet be ready incoming!

I remember last year when a US Navy pilot got in trouble for using his jet to draw a massive peen in the sky.

Actually quite like some of those vulva stickers she is using. Wonder if I can get one for my snowboard.

Actually, if kids saw more realistic (and I don't mean those stupid diagrams from sex ed books) representations of genitalia, it might demystify things a bit and make it less taboo/smirk-inducing.

Well maybe but not a conversation to take place over a sandwich lunch 

What's the big deal?  We're only animate lumps of meat, at the end of the day.

I know of one artist who produces drawer handles modelled on a mould of her own vagina.  Aesthetically interesting and a practical way of getting people to know their way around them, if you ask me.

Making a virtue out of crude, juvenile graffiti.  How refreshing.  Soon we will he asked to admire other mildly transgressive selfishness like smoking behind the bike sheds or driving around in Ford Cortina with go-faster stripes and furry dice.