Just walked past a red balloon bouncing along by a drain


I have to say the trailer for IT2 looks deeply unscary, with penny wise floating down from the sky like a demented Mary poppins, but I won't be chancing it. 

Haven't seen the first new one but he just doesn't look as scary as Tim Curry 

Only seen the original one.  Proper bag of toss.  Possibly the worst film adaptation of a brilliant book ever.

Having read the book, there’s no way I’d watch the film.

The new one is very good actually, quietly optimistic for part 2, albeit doubtful they will get into the spider and the turtle thing. 

They didn’t, perhaps wisely, do the gang bang/ sexual assault of a child bit. 

 the gang bang/ sexual assault of a child bit 

Isn't that a flashback towards the end of the novel? So it could still be in Part II.

Yeah but they filmed it chronologically, so all the child bits are in the first film, while the sequel is all about the adults (unlike the book where it chopped about a bit). 

That bit is quite fckd up.  As is the bit with Henry and Patrick...

There are so many King novels that I want to reread but then I remember what a letdown the ending is and lost enthusiasm.

You could say that about pretty much any Stephen King Nobel tbf, it’s not the destination it’s the journey.  

Oh right that’s actually the point you’re making. Soz. 

I would love to see a miniseries of The Stand.


Yeah that gang bang wtaf Stephen. Must have been his coke phase.

IT and Needful Things are ace.  The others are a bit meh.  

Have there not been 2 (two) miniseries of The Stand already?

The series with Gary Sinese wasn't too bad.  Low budget though.  And far too little of Molly Ringwald's bangers.

the Dark Tower Film is the worst SK adaptaion ever, and that is saying something! 

His long books usually make shit films, with a few exceptions. 

His short stores make ace ones. Shawshank, Running Man, Stand by Me. 

The TV adaptions of 11.22.63 and Mr Mercedes were shit and I love those books

Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile are the only films that nailed it

Am enjoying Castle Rock at the moment - am 7 episodes in, so it could still go wrong, but the last episode I watched was pretty much the best episode of anything I've seen all year. 

If you can’t make IT into a scary as [email protected] film, then you shouldn’t be making films, because the premise is terrifying. However, at least two attempts have now failed totally.

The Marathon Man was good too.  That was another one of the Bachman Books.  They should really do The Long Walk, too.

Misery and The Shining made pretty decent films. Carrie too.

Stephen King is a god. 

I liked Salem's lot and Pet semetary (the books not the films). 

I've never read IT or the shining. 

I haven't read a Stephen king book since I was a teenager I suspect I wouldn't like them as much now 

I re-read Misery a couple of years ago while recovering from ankle surgery (fittingly), it was superb.

I saw The Lolliers earlier the year and that has to be one of the worst films ever.  Salem's Lot freaked me out as a kid (the brother tapping on the window) but I enjoyed it.

The Marathon Man? As in the nazi dentist one? That’s not a Stephen King (or even Bachman) story is it?

Anyone seen the Langoliers or Tommyknockers? 

woeful piles of poo. 


Yes but the book of the langoliers is terrifying 

Actually it's a short story in four past midnight I think isn't it