Just spotted

James Middleton on the Kings Road. He was carrying two Waitrose bags for life and a big bag of kale.  

You didn’t race up to him and scream “fill me with your little babies” ala Peter’s friends did you?

You see him all the time.  I am beginning to think you are actively stalking him.

Google tells me he makes greeting cards for a job. - Famous crafter?

Is he still bossing the Young King George/Kaiser Bill/Tsar Nicholas/Prince Michael of Kent look, presumptuously?

He does look a berk and I'm not entirely sure what his function in this world is. I recall that he started a business printing pictures on big marshmallows and was surprised when it went under.

There’s a word we don’t hear much these days. Berk. 1970s shout. 

I don’t know the Trap Door. Google tells me it was 1984 by when I had been in boarding school for a long stretch and had 2 years to go until parole. Things being what they were in those telly deprived days, I have v few tv cultural references between 1976 and 1986. Might explain why I’m a bit weird. Partly.

Yes indeed Mutters. He was sporting a most imperial beard. He was heading in the direction of Flood Street.