Just seen a shrew
Wang's Upon a Time 03 Jul 19 08:51
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*happy faice*

dont think I have seen one b4

One strolled past me when I was weeding the other day. Made me think I don't see them as often as I did when I was a kid. The cats brought them in all the time. Ours catches voles and mice but leaves shrews. they have a poisonous gall bladder.

I once saw a whole family of pygmy shrews on the march over our lawn. Amazingly they do what elephants do and wrap their tails round the nose of the one behind/ or entwine their noses around the tail of the one ahead (depending on your view of the hierarchy) and process in a troupe. 

The last time I saw a shrew a cat was chewing its leg off while it was still alive.

I fucking hate cats.

I am always amazed at a cat's ability to completely eat an entire small animal but leave the nasty bits neatly in a little pile.

used to have a couple of cat.  they'd bring back 10-15 small animals day.  presumably clearing an ever increasing radius

after they'd been taken to the vet for the final time it took about a decade for small animals to reinvade the home after creeping back into the deadzone



Heh Meh has just reminded me of the time some nobody on here called me a lemony shrew completely out of the blue 

shrews are the ones with long noses right? Very cute. 

Shrews are great and pygmy shrews are even better. 

A previous cat devastated the population. She lined them up, in the classic fashion, on the doorstep with their little hands folded on their upper chest. Like Crusaders on tombs.