Just saw someone from my office getting IDd

For buying a can of red bull


Will be mentioning later at an undermining moment.

that will backfire when the person points out that they would rather be young looking than have a face like mickey rourke like you

everyone I know past their mid 20s who gets asks for identification pretends to be annoyed but is in reality absolutely delighted and works it into every conversation they have for the rest of the week - so you would probably be doing him/her a favour.

Is this clergs’ way of admitting that her face is as wrinkled as Keith Richards’ ballbag, which is why she doesn’t get carded?

Red bull is a 16 year old min requirement voluntarily done by supermarkets.  Bit odd that one.

the weiredst part is she doesn't even look young

I mean she doesn't look old but she's a solid 30+

yeah, Guy, I don't think seeming 16 while buying a moderately chavvy beverage at 9 in the morning is a super compliment tbh

I’ve worked it out.  Some places have a ‘25 or over’ ID check - but their till only says “ does customer appear over 25?” And if they say no then they have to provide ID.

So your 30+ year old colleague presumably looks like a fresh faced 24 year old.

Red Bull is chavvy? Who knew?

Perhaps I should consult you latter-day Nancy Mitfords before imbibing a pick-me-up.

Lol a t Q Ball up there giving someone else grief about her looks.


I guess they don't have pots and kettles in your OAP home eh?

question - is there a risk that that saying is problematic now?