Just heard Billie Eyelash...

...murder Yesterday, while they showed dead celebs @ the Oscars.

If there was any hope of the latest Bond being any good, her whsipering her way through the opening title sequence could ruin it.

Votes for the best Bond song?

1. Live & Let Die - Wings

2. Licence to kill - Gladys Knight

3. All time high - Nancy Sinatra

I usually like her music but that Oscar performance wasn’t great. She literally just mumbled the lyrics and failed to convey emotion. 

I vote no 1. 

Awful choice. Even that trash from Jack White and Alicia Keys was better than the theme to Casino Royale.

The best of those three is live and let die. 


The best of all time is a view to a kill by duran duran

+1 for Chris Cornell. It's a great song.

The White Stripes are/ were rubbish. 

Alicia Keyes is rubbish.

The Garbage Bond theme was rubbish.

Eilish rocks. Fuck off with your "Oh, she's whispering" bollox.

Wot shooty said and wot Kimmy said.

Billy Eilish is a very good performer, she does a good acapella version of Bad by Michael Jackson. Haven't seen her crap version of yesterday, but everyone has a bad day... except Laz apparently.

Glang! Glangalangalangalangalangalang!
Glangalang, langalangala,

nobody does it better - and I'm a naked woman in silhouette with a gun, spinning round - Makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it - ooh, bit of nipple - quite as good as you. Baby, you're the best. Da, da, da - and now a really big bounce right over and I land on my feet. Da, da, da, da, daa. I wasn't looking and somehow you found me - ooh, bit of bush, er - I tried to hide from your love light - and a woman swinging on a Luger, a giant Luger, ooh, look at that - Like heaven above me - and now another naked woman walking along the top of a gun, completely Billy Bollocks

You know my name

Live and Let Die

View to a Kill


Surely any other response is wrong.  Unless it is Goldfinger.  Or Goldeneye.  Those are acceptable responses.

Heh. Adele. Nice one.


Oh, you were serious?

1. Nobody Does It Better

2. Licence to Kill

3. For Your Eyes Only

honourable mentions for:

Writing's on the Wall (best thing about a crap film)

Skyfall (karaoke classic)

A View to a Kill (love the video)

Live and Let Die (even though I hate Paul McCartney)

Billie Eyelash - No time to die = Music to slash your wrists too.

Awful. Bare audible. Can't find a note and stick to it. It's almost a merger of Sam Smith and Adele, but without the talent/ability. 

They should have gone big tune, not 'soulful' ballad.