just got an email asking if I wanted to book a hotel in July in London


Would be pretty weird if you could go to Portugal for three weeks but not a hotel here

It’s very discreet, they know me there.

I hope you don’t mind me asking them to get in touch.

It’s very discreet, they know me there.

Travel Tavern?

Strutter is Lenny Henry AICM free night at Premier Inn. 

All the hotels I have been perusing for a mini break anticipate reopening 4 July.  I fear some horrid Independence Day style tie in with further loosening of restrictions 

Oh didn't think of that

Am up for it

Love burgers

Ducks - you do know that the chances of anyone dying of covid are almost nil and the chances of a woman under 50 who is not obese dying are double nil?

It isn't Darwinism it's a lovely day out.

God I might just book myself into one for a night just to get out of the house.