just in case you're wondering why ladies wear makeup



interestingly [the survey] showed that four in ten women (41%) even do it when in private, like at home. 

rubbish question

I wear makeup at the gym and alone at home because it is on my face from when I put it on earlier


Isnt it all about making their faces look like fanoirs?

I wear make up and jewellery every single day

I don't feel dressed without it

More people wear it in private than to look more professional at work?

pubic hair clergs? although these days burds would be shaving their eyelids as part of their make up regime

I often wear make up in bed.

Because after 30 years of wearing it every day, I sometimes cba to take it off

Nothing really.

Just what happens if you don't moisturise or remove your makeup before sleep. it's a pic of Tricky Woo.

a scrotum with a face

that reminds me of that Richard E Grant thing how to get ahead in advertising

My cheeks are like baby bottoms. Because I don't wear make up on my skin. Just my eyes and sometimes lips


the fact that the nose is out of focus in that pic is making me irrationally angry.

I bet this guy's face is much more wrinkly than mutters' sack as former looks like he is often out and about in the fresh air whereas mutters' sack: not so much.

I cover my eyes with the foreskins of my lovers. I need to refresh them every so often....

W: Hail Edmund, lord of Adders Black.
E: Hello.
W: Step no nearer, for already I see thy bloody purpose. Thou plot is,
Blackadder: thou wouldst be king and drown Middlesex in a butt of
wine. Ah, ah, ah, ah.
E: No, no, no, no. it is far worse than that. I'm in love with my man
W: Oh well, I'd sleep with him if I were you.
E: What?
W: When I fancy people, I sleep with them. Oh, I have to drug them
first of course! Being so old and watty.
E: But what about my position, my social life?
W: Very well then. Three other paths are open to you. Three cunning
plans to cure thy ailment.
E: Oh good.
W: The first is simple. Kill Bob!
E: Never.
W: Then try the second. Kill your self!
E: Neu. And the third?
W: The third is to ensure that no one else ever knows.
E: Ha, that sounds more like it. How?
W: Kill everybody in the whole world. Ah, ha, ha

I wear it for work as it looks far more professional and other than that only if I’m going out at night.  

As much as I would love to do an Alecia Keys, pale skin/ lips/ lashes look a lot better makeup. 

Why do women wear make up and perfume?

Because they're ugly and they smell







It's a joke