So he has somehow managed to fvck up being PM before he is even PM.


We can add craven lily-livered appeaser the list of attributes that make him unsuitable for the  job - so much for standing up for Britain.


What a prize dick


Oh and the Brexit Party MEP on Newsnight last night (complete moron) clearly thinks the leak came from a Brexiteer.

I'm almost certain the leak came from a Brexiteer, or at least an anti-Establishment person, who wants a more pro-Trump ambassador.

The press keep showing a picture of Liam Fox proximate to columns on this story so I assume they are hinting it's him

Maybe someone who doesn’t consider him insecure, diplomatically clumsy or mired in scandal?

That’s a tough job spec.

Or the leak was a remainer who wanted to show you what us-uk relations really look like and what a thin skinned unstatesmanlike wanker trump is

We don’t know who leaked these secret diplomatic dispatches.  So we can only guess. 

The easiest way is to ask ourselves: cui bono?  Who benefits?  

The obvious answer is Mr Johnson, or someone in his faction.  

In confirmation, when Johnson was asked whether he backed Darroch, he didn’t answer.  This ensured that Darroch would have to go and handed the choice of OUR Ambassador to the USA to be effectively vetoed by President Trump of the USA.  Which is treachery if not actually Treason.  

Why did it backfire? Trump looks like the wanker he is, Johnson like his poodle. Trump twitters on about how he told the uk govt how they should handle brexit and it’s a disaster on account of TMPM not obeying. Everybody with a brain is - once again- shocked and dismayed

It's not, it's just common sense. His position became untenable.

What good does it do to Johnson to replace the ambassador this way at this point in time? He could just wait until he’s Pm and then appoint a brexiter 

Ambassador managed out now before Boris can be linked to the murder weapon.

Nige made Ambassador to US as part of Brexit Party deal/alliance, for the purposes of attempting to win the imminent GE.

One does wonder what Guy things Bo Jo should have done here to have made the situation better. 


He should have made clear that the UK does not sack ambassadors on the say so of foreign powers and that diplomats have the right and duty to give honest opinions with the expectation of confidence.  That was the correct answer - stand by your man.

That is not an answer to the question asked. That's an evasive answer that does not back the ambassadors. Also - following the debate the ambassador did the only correct thing and stood down. Any other outcome would have been a poor diplomatic result. 

Had he been sacked we would look weak. 

Had he stayed the Trump would have carried on being a tit about it. 

Either outcome was worse than this. 




No, this outcome shows Johnson is Trump's poodle, because unlike May and Hunt he did not positively back the ambassador even though it was obviously the right thing to do.  He has showed his weakness, that is disastrous for future negotiations.