Jobs after law

Assuming you will have one, and won’t have enough in the bank to just retire at 55 or whatever, what job will you fancy doing after you have left the law?

seabird/shorebird monitoring

and what tecco said re 55 ... 

Leave the law?  What heresy is this?

By that time the law may well have left me, so I will do whatever there is left to do after AI takes over. 

Given we'll all have so much free time to read whilst we are not working, and not driving, and not doing lots of other automated things, maybe I'll finally get around to writing the book I've been meaning to write since school.  It'll be crap, but it'll at least be original, which will be something we will all be craving.

Come to think of it, owning a traditional book shop might not be a bad shout in 20 years time.  Nostalgia will be the new innovation.