Jezza Corbyn suspended

Due to statement today.

Good, cya Jezza you will not be remembered fondly for your part in the downfall of the nation.

Quite right too.


But Keir Starmer stood right next to Corbyn whilst all this happened and did he ever speak out then?


Jeremy Corbyn critics given top jobs as Keir Starmer completes Labour  frontbench line-up

If this is permanent there is going to be a wave of reogmatioms from the party - probably no bad thing...

Good news. Ruined the Labour Party. Keir Starmer is making a huge effort to rebrand the party. 

Wouldn't it be awful if all the momentum lot naffed off and set up their own party. 

don't now whether the  grounds of suspension are justified but hope he fucks off for good

Chakrabarti's going to look at bit foolish’

that ship sailed years ago m7

Starmer's playing a blinder, detoxing while body slamming the government

If Corbyn  was leader you know that free school meals wouldn't have been mention and it all be some shit about recognising the plight of nomads in the khalahari 

"Momentum are going to go into metldown"

Fucking hope so. Expel them all, too.

Cor, it's going to be like a rerun of Militant in the l8 80s....

Let's hope so Buzz.

Starmer needs to play the role of Kinnock and cleanse Labour of the Marxist (often also racist) sc/m.  He's made a good start to his leadership so far.

If they want as others have said nothing stopping them setting up there own party.  They can call it Momentum.  If they got 5% of the national vote I'd be surprised.  

I did heh at Starmer claiming his half term lockdown would have made a material difference to the current situation.

Sad day, but purely temporary 

Hopefully  Big Len will soon have him reinstated as leader  

If they got 5% of the national vote I'd be surprised.  

That's the thing isn't it. The shouty lunatic fringe elements make so much noise that you have to stop and remind yourself that they are actually a fairly small minority. Hang on, am I talking about Labour or Rof here?

SummerSails29 Oct 20 13:40

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I did heh at Starmer claiming his half term lockdown would have made a material difference to the current situation.

Why? Plainly it would have helped, and might have saved Christmas

I thought his statement read ok until the penultimate paragraph where he bleats on about how the problem was wildly exaggerated by enemies from outside and within the party, and that this is what really hurt Jewish people. 

3-ducks29 Oct 20 13:10



How ridiculous. 

You should be suspended from Rof you racist cretin. 

Heff it would have been so limited it wouldn't have made a material difference.  My neighbours would still have gone to Portugal with all the potential spreading that involves.  That's not to mention the fact there's no actual need for a lockdown in large parts of the country.

Corbyn supporters are the kind of people to whom the electorate are always a disappointment.

Whenever someone disagrees with you, using the same ‘racist’ label makes you look unimaginative.  Please try some variations. Thanks

I can't help but be happy about this.  I have however always thought that corbyn was King henry to someone else's warwick.  Let's hope they get warwick too.

"Corbyn supporters are the kind of people to whom the electorate are always a disappointment."

And Tory Supporters are the kind of people rooting for the common folk? Raab, Patel et. al, beg to differ:

"The British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music." [1]

[1] Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity 

Nevertheless, I'm happy the book has been thrown squarely at Cobyn's noggin on this issue.

he's such an idiot

his reaction to the suspension is just making it easier for Starmer to expel him

"False dichotomy mate"

Fair enough, and no doubt there's some truth in AJ's statement, it's just that there's an implication that the alternative party voters largely plumped for had the electorate's back.


A khunt of the worst sort.  Hopefully the suspension will become an expulsion and the green shoots of New Labour can rise again*.


* without the shooty bits, obviously. 

It’s a genuinely sad day when there’s no place for a genuine socialist in the LABOUR party

What I do find slightly disappointing is that he is not suspended for any of the breaches of law highlighted in the report, or for presiding over an antisemitic party but he is suspended only for "comments made today and his failure to retract them subsequently"

That's pretty weak.

Corbyn never really understands that you cant just say what you think - even if he genuinely believes the issue was exaggerated to get at him, it doesn't always help to say exactly what is in your mind, sometimes just take the medicine and shut the fuck up.   It is lack of political guile rather than anti-Semitism that has got him kicked out (not that it was the wrong decision).

Corbyn never really understood that his "success" was entirely down to being a protest vote against the most incompetent Conservative government in living memory, and he still didn't win. He thinks Jews and New Labour conspired to stop him. 

to be fair, new labour MPs weren't exactly manning the trenches for him

Campaign Against Anti-Semitism have other Labour MPs in their sights including:

  • Diane Abbott
  • Richard Burgon
  • Barry Gardiner
  • Rebecca Long Bailey
  • Angela Rayner

It’s brilliant that the first comment under starmer’s Twitter, despite all this, was ‘learn to drive’

So no-one was no one swayed by Karie Murphy’s defence of Labour’s action on anti-Semitism in her alternative realty article in The Guardian?

I think anti-semitism must be fine. Lisa Nandy explained on the radio yesterday that it's just "punching up". 

Did she say it *is* punching up (and therefore by implication not as bad as other racism) or that it is viewed as such and therefore some people think it's not as bad? There's a difference. 

even my Jewish OH would say that many people do think it is punching up and therefore not as bad. It's bollocks as arguments go obvs 

She said that Jews are viewed by anti-semites as rich and powerful so it is perceived to be punching up. Nice misrepresentation by Gerry.