Jeremy Corbyn to call again for GE

....following which he will negotiate a better deal.

Nice one Jez.

That’ll definitely fix everything.

He should be sectioned with TMPM

”Love what you’ve done with this flocked wallpaper.”

”It’s Maoist, actually”

I'm voting Labour despite the fact the party is infested with Europhiles. 

Helpful information in assisting the rest of us as to how we should vote

Heh Strutter as if you'd ever deviate from slavishly supporting whatever  third-rate Tory hack stood in your constituency. 

An entirely first rate hack. Whom I happen to have met on a number of occasions and who is thoughtful and an excellent constituency MP.

Are you ever right about anything?

You'd say that about whatever mediocrity they happened to put up, good or not. You make Stardust look like a floating voter. 

No, I say it because it is true.

Why do you have such difficulty with even the most basic facts that don’t fit your world view?

I’ll vote for the party that commits China to a less that 2 degree temperature rise...

Your (our) local MP is pretty good Dux, I've met her a few times. Certainly not a third rate Tory. 

Just because he types ‘fundamentally and intentionally ignorant’ things doesn’t mean he is...

...come on.

by call, do you mean he's going to stand in a field and yell "I want a general election"

because that should have about as much effect as him doing it anywhere else since he has no power

I assume this will be like the no confidence vote and he'll promise to call it then back track but he's actually not sure he'll win.

Strutter, would you ever vote for a party other than the Conservative Party?


So stop talking absolute sh*t.

I ain't no Cobyn fan but this is him doing his job properly (finally).  May's deal is a disaster. No other deal is on the table realistically for so long as May is in power.  The only sensible choices are:

1. Give up on Brexit which is probably still the best outcome but our relationship with Europe would still be fvcked for a generation.

2. Changing government and the new government negotiating a sensible deal based around full membership of the common market but properly opted out of ever closer union.  Over the next 10 years we could (if we wanted to) seek to create something that really worked for both sides from that base. 


So we just need the rest of the EU to agree to a two year extension so we can have several more rounds of negotiations and still get a deal that doesn't quite tick anyone's boxes?  My experience of agreeing a deal with someone and then asking to renegotiate it is that they tell you where to shove your renegotiation.

strangely enough, corbyn is not well known and is not being discussed on the continent

what happened to 3d ?  He used to be sound and do threads about 80s discos

Don’t forget kids, Uncles Jezza and Dux know much more than you do. Just put your Mao cap on and do what they tell you.