Jeremy Corbyn is...

...on his third wife. I somehow thought he was a keeper!


That disturbs me less than the thought of him on Diane Abbott 

I tell you what, home grown lettuce must put lead in your pencil... ...his current wife is 20 years younger.

She imports fair trade cocaine from Mexico apparently...

Fluffy there has always been an element of the female population attracted to massive lefties.

I am not sure you should be watching while he is on his wife. Bit rude.

jeremy corbyn also has a higher net worth than Boris Johnson and obtained a magnificent 2 E grades in his a levels. Guess his private education didn't help too much.

Fluffy - wasn't her fair trade cocaine denounced as not at all fair trade and the workers were paid pennies an hour? A pair of fucking hypocrites at any rate.

His two previous wives are not complimentary about him.

To be fair this not an unknown situation with ex wives