Jayden Moonie

Am I the only one who wonders why a fourteen year old was illegally riding around on a scooter?  Was he just joyriding for a giggle?

The ones who get hurt are always the innocent. Apparently.


"Jayden described himself on Facebook as a “trapper kid” — urban slang for a drug dealer — with a picture clutching a wad of £50 and £20 notes. "

Stop being such cunts please.

I'm sure if he had had your upbringing he'd be equally as perfect as you pricks are

I'm sure if he had had your upbringing he'd be equally as perfect as you pricks are

What was his upbringing like?

One that involves seeing moving to Leyton as a positive change.



I'm not saying he deserved it at all but it seems to move it from the category of random violence into targeted attack with a clear motive of he was making some kind of delivery.  It also crossed my mind that maybe his parents had bought it for him as a present in advance of him being able to drive it legally and that he'd snuck out to ride it which would take things back into the random motiveless attack category.

He was murdered and is a human being, so is the victim.  Let's await the facts.

I did immediately think WTF is he doing riding a scooter when I watched the news, but that's me as a motorcyclist thinking what the cock is going on there, not me as a mentalist thinking "I reckon that's a good enough reason to murder a 14 year old boy, case closed" FAOD

I was merely thinking what's a fourteen year old doing on a road on a moped as I'm pretty sure that's not legal.

Surprises me how 'normal' some of the drug dillaz can be. That one who went up to Cumbria Uni and got nicked was studying pharmaceutical science (something he was already an expert in, tbf).

Quick add more posts as I'm on level pegging with Abb's post on the same subject.

Fred at my uni one of the porters in my hall acknowledged that they always put the suspected drug dealers in the rooms furthest from reception so the uni could pretend not to notice the comings and goings and screams of "I'll get the money".  Can't remember what the one in my year was studying but seemed a reasonable enough chap when he wasn't torturing people in his room.

Can't remember what the one in my year was studying but seemed a reasonable enough chap when he wasn't torturing people in his room.

He's now a managing partner at Clyde & Co.

I know an 8qty partner who (at law school) boasted that he'd funded law school by dealing at Uni.


Absolute state of this. 

No one is saying he was ‘innocent’. But do people really think the take home from a 14 year old kid being murdered in an apparently targeted killing was that he shouldn’t have been riding the moped in the first place?

abd what bloop said.

Lollers generally about fearsome student dealers but to take one point, why would people who owed their dealers money go to their rooms to be tortured by them?

I thought we had done this on rof alreayd and came to conclusion that ramming kids of of a moped is always okay because kids are always scums? 



Zero I think they were dumb enough to ask him to sell them more despite owing him money and then he'd put the thumb screws on.

Tom my point was that what he was doing on the moped to some extent changes whether this was a targeted attack or random violence.  If he was just joyriding around on a moped minding his own business then this takes on a different complexion.

what complexion is that sails? 

joyriding should be punished by vigillante murder? 

because your OP is "am I the only one who wonders why this (impliedly) scrotey expendible scum was on a moped because fuck knows the worst I did when I was 14 was run through a corn field"

which isn't quite the same as your back peddling at 12.37

Well one complexion is that there is a complete nutjob out there who is just ramming people off scooters and killing them at random and is, therefore, a risk to anyone on a scooter and potentially a serial killer.  The other complexion is that this was a slightly less nutty nut job who targeted a specific person on a scooter which is marginally more reassuring for the general scooter riding public.  Bear in mind that people have been squirted with acid by people simply wanting to steal their scooters so this could also potentially have been a scooter robbery that escalated courtesy of the involvement of a mid level nutjob somewhere between the other two varieties I've referred to.

I'm a farmer's son so would never run through a field of wheat as I know what damage it does.  However, knowing that you could in theory damage the gate never stopped me indulging in a good bit of gate swinging.

Do you ever actually read the news, or do you just read headlines and then make suppositions? 

I've read several articles but they've all glossed over that element and even the parents were asking people to ignore it as it wasn't relevant which just makes me want to know more.