Jamie, petal

How are we doing with links opening in a new tab?

Much love

Stix xx

Can we also have more than 100 posts on a page.  Please make the default 500 posts. 

Thanks Jamie. 

A few things to do first but it will get done, promise.   500? THATS A LOT

most threads won't get anywhere near 500 posts so it will save having to change pages in the vast majority of cases. There is no downside that I can see.

Stix... if you click ctrl whilst clicking the link it will automatically open the link in a new tab. If you're on a mac do the same thing but hit the funny shape thing on the left hand side of your keyboard. Et voila!

The 500 post thing would be v helpful.

Jamie - I also requested more scamming correspondence, but you ignored me.

Yours, more in sorrow than in anger,