I’ve been asked to come up with a new car manufacturer brand name

I kid you not. It will be pure EVs. Ideas please.

Whoosh!  Sadly someone has already got Zoom as a brand.

Hero. The owner is helping to save the world after all.

Rorla ‘Get ahead’

or without innuendo

Rolla ‘More car for the dollar’

Lawyers are usually asked to check potential brand names for IP purposes, not to come up with them.


Evokes the utilitarian tedeness of electric vehicles.


Rhea - "the mother of gods"


Sif - an earth goddess and wife of lightening (electricity) god thor


If the state of the roads since lockdown are anything to go by.

I saw a lime green continental in Brighton the other year with the vanity plate “LION” so I would suggest that.

oh yah I have the new lion bar, it has 4000 torques and does 0-60 in 2.6

I like GC's suggestion "Parsec".

Short, easy to remember, amply futuristic, and should work in most tongues.


Subsidies offered to roffers/fettes and former members of the regiment.

And the pick of the litter of the range is the spritely little runabout, the Azit Goze 2E 

I still think Covid would be an ace name. It evokes endurance, proliferation and being infinitely adaptable. Perfect.

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