ITV “instructs a barrister” to review the PS matter

Well I never

the “terms of reference” will be key ofc

imagine being the sort of solicitor or barrister who does this kind of work where you basically know beforehand what the report looks like

”certain failings”

”fault not attributable to any specific individuals”

“since these incidents internal processes have been reformed and strengthened”

”recommend organisation does ABC”

Has any lawyer ever conducted an investigation and reached a conclusion the person instructing them didn't expect?

Every now and then these hatchet jobs get called out in later litigation by an actual judge, it's extremely satisfying when that happens.

Always baffles me they get barristers to do these kind of reviews despite most having spent their whole life in a tiny chambers bubble.  Though think Spurius answers my Q.

Oh yeah, if you want someone to pronounce upon behaving with everyday decorum, following professional standards diligently and being a good colleague in a team environment.

You fooking definitely need a barrister.

Has anyone at ITV ever met one?

Surely someone like a coroner or similar would be best?

Ie someone who investigates, looks at evidence etc and doesn't present one side's case in an adversarial manner?