It’s Rambo day!

Looks wonderfully absurd, can’t wait to watch it :)

Looks acers, the 1 star reviews only make me want to watch it more.

i watched Night Hunter (Henry Cavill and Ben Kingsley) last night, it is a delightfully over the top serial killer movie.

made me think though, has there been a good Serial Killer movie since Seven?

The series of 10 Rillington Place is pretty good Welly.  Christie/Evans

There’s been a fair few series - True Detective s1 etc but no movies that I recall. Bit of a neglected genre imo

Yeah there was another series about mary Ann cotton that was good too.

"Looks acers, the 1 star reviews only make me want to watch it more."


so much this 

"The result is cringemakingly written and clunkily directed, and even the final action sequence runs out of steam after a minute or so."


i dont think the guardian film critic has seen 1 to 4 

I am not sure I have seen 4?  Is that where he is living a peaceful life in the golden Triangle jungle and then goes after the drug lords cos they top his Mrs?  Or is that 3?  Could be both tbf

I thought the last one was where he was living peacefully in the golden triangle and then had to rescue some god botherers who were captured in the jungle.

I have absolutely no idea but having rewatched the first one recently, it is utterly absurd

He’s an outcast simple boat driver who takes some soldiers up the river to rescue some god botherers but turns out he’s harder that all of them and kills loads of “orientals”

I recall he pulped a load of people with a heavy machine gun and then basically cuts the main bad guy in half with a machete in the last one. There was also a british lad who blew large holes in people with a .50 rifle.

The Guardian and the Irish Times both describe it as "racist" because it has Mexican

I'm assuming they are Mexican drug gang baddies. To be fair there are quite a number of them IRL and they are properly bad news. There has also been quite a number of films with them as the baddies.


20 Sep 19 09:00

The Guardian and the Irish Times both describe it as "racist" because it has Mexican


Yes, and doesn't mention the Mexican campaigning journalist or the Mexican victim he is rescuing.

These reviews are like catnip, my ticket is secured:


"Trump-era Rambo is essentially a human border wall keeping America safe from Mexican rapists and murderers. Absolutely deranged, a must-see."


"Rambo: Last Blood is an incredibly boneheaded amalgamate of the third and fourth installment. It combines the comic-book fantasy of the former with the serio-comical splatter of the latter."


"In 2019's hypersensitive cultural environment, the depiction of murderous Mexican crime bosses and their cowering sex slaves encountering a literal white savior doesn't go down so easy."


"If you've come for thoughtfulness, tragedy, character, wit, and a political statement on the effects of war - in short, if you've come for anything that was in the original First Blood - then perhaps you'd find solace in a different theater."


"Injects the heart back into the legendary action franchise, before ripping it out with an awe-inspiring avalanche of violence."


"There is an honesty to the Rambo story that is rare in movies - he wants bad men to die and takes the shortest, most over-the-top bloody route possible."


"Between Stallone mumbling stuff like "I'm full of rage" and "Death is coming" in a perennially granite scowl, shit gets ridiculously barbaric."

There is some great stat that I will now misrepresent - it took nearly 2 hours in first blood for there to be a body (I think there is only 1 in the whole film) but by Rambo 4 there are over 300 deaths.

Forget where I read that

Wang, that is true. In First Blood he mainly just wounds people. The movie was more about him being a victim of his experiences in war and the poor treatment of veterans by society.

On the subject of serial killer films there is of course Monster although that's based on true events.  Also various Alexander Cross spin off films such as Along Came a Spider.

I assume in the new film Rambo has an all terrain mobility scooter pimped up with a couple of mini-guns.

Serial killer films: Zodiac and, even better, The Killer Inside Me, both postdate 7even.

I need to watch the last Rambo film before I watch this one.  It does look gloriously silly though.


Presumably scene 1 is Rambo breaking out of his nursing home, ripping out IV lines, ECG leads and his catheter, before slaying the abusive eastern european staff and reclaiming his arsenal.

When I saw the trailer I thought it was for an extreme Home Alone reboot.  I can't wait.