It's going to be "no deal" isn't it?

What a bunch of negligent c*nts. Criminal charges all round imo

oh well, Scottish independence and an application to rejoin it is

Or in other words, "what Australia and the rest of the world outside the EU and NAFTA (well not even that tbh) lives with every single day..."?

Or in other words, "what Australia and the rest of the world outside the EU and NAFTA (well not even that tbh) lives with every single day..."?

Except none of those countries have their entire regulatory and economic set up completely intertwined with the EU. The fall out from breaking that with no notice and no agreement in place will be catastrophic.

Yes but switching to that overnight is going to be a massive shock. Eventually it will settle down but most of next year will be awful without any exit arrangements.

Yeah, true.


Tbf you fellas are a bit fucked, aye?

I mean they have had two years to plan for this so it is hardly no notice. 

Just a shame they completely fvcked it all up and did absolutely no prep in those 2 years.


I'm still working on the basis that a few MP's will bottle it and May's deal with go through after Christmas to avoid total mayhem and another six months of fighting about it.

Gives the people the good hard brexiting that they voted for.  Won't affect moi in the slightest so bring it the fuck on.  They wanted it, now they're going to get it alright.

why don't we send those 3,500 troops to Brussels and force them to give us a class deal.

or just re-invade Ireland and eliminate the whole backstop thing.

That said, maybe No Deal is just a myth to scare people into voting for May's deal. They wouldn't / couldn't actually go through with it could they?

I think these are scare tactics, but more directed at the EU, "to show them we mean business*"



*are actually insane enough to do this

Rufus Youngblood18 Dec 18 14:32

Or in other words, "what Australia and the rest of the world outside the EU and NAFTA (well not even that tbh) lives with every single day..."?_______________________________________________________________________

Except it's not, is it

You have the Trans pacific partnership binding Asean ever closer

and you have 

in the Eurasian customs union

and then you have i.e. the association treaties between the likes of Turkey and Ukraine with the EU

and the FTAs between EU and i.e. Korea or Japan

Or the preferential 0 rate on imports enjoyed by former colonial nations/developing African economies

So, just changing the entire structure of trade for the UK from 29 March to 30 March is probably going to be at the least economically jarring. 

On the plus side, we could make loads of sandwiches and go over to Ireland and sell them for €50 each.

no deal will affect the continental economies

I swear I am going t beat up the next st georges t shirt wearing brit come next holidays

just kick the sh1t out of them with no comment

Sounds like you need to up where you're going on holiday. 


You need to go on holiday somewhere that's not Faliraki, Malia, Magaluf, etc. as those are the only places full of chavs who wear such t-shirts.  If you go to Umbria just look out for men in pink chino trousers or shorts.

Work harder so you can go somewhere nice for your next holiday

pink chino wearing males might get a slap, too

in fact, I'll extend my policy of managed violence to all males wearing jack wills

its the zombie brexit, no framework and more importantly no road plan, nothing on which to base, well, anything.

I could do with a bit of starvation tbf but I am genuinely worried if the supply of medications is affected 

Medication is my greatest concern also.  If they run out of certain drugs I'll end up having to be locked up or something - not a great look.

yes I have a husband and daughter who rely on drugs to keep them going 



it only occured to me reading this thread that supplies of anti psychotics count as "medication" so between supplies of those running out and coffee imports being delayed we'll have the UK looking like 28 days later by April 1st

Sumo, curious here, why would supplies of antipsychotics be anything other than medication?  Or did I misread that?

Anyway yeah if my depixol and clozapine stop being available I'll be right in the shit.

When you consider how poor we are keeping drugs out of the country you have to think that bit of brexit will be all right on balance.

No deal would last a few days then the EU will succumb and beg for the deal they should be agreeing now (a properly time limited backstop / UK right to unilaterally withdraw)   The plan is coming together!  This is a masterclass in strategy m8s! Honours and prizes galore for TMPM and her highly competent cabinet.


Now where did i leave that medication...



Too much will have changed overnight to go back. Have you read any of the no deal SIs that have come into force this year?

I have it on good authority that one of the first things to run out after brexit will be balsamic vinegar. I shall start stockpiling tomorrow. Maybe.

Teclis18 Dec 18 18:51

Sumo, curious here, why would supplies of antipsychotics be anything other than medication?  Or did I misread that?


I don't think of dried frog pills as medicene 

when people say "medicene" I just think "penicillan" 

Blimey mate, nothing dried frog about anti-psychotics.  SSRIs fair enough, they're nothing but Anti-psychotics in large doses are the most debilitating drugs I've ever had the misfortune to require.   At the rate I have to take them it feels like I'm wearing a lead overcoat the entire time.

A short sharp shock is what this country needs. Far, far, far, far too many people, far to many, I know some, have been indulged for far too long in their pampered fantasies that we must all treat them as special little lambs because there is supposedly something wrong with them. Sponging wasters the lot of them seeking sick notes from reality at the expense of the workers and grafters. If a shortage of medication or a few less "essential" Waitrose pre-chopped onions for the weak & feeble minded lttle darlings is what it takes to bring them back to a less self-centred reality where they are forced to just get on with it then so be it. There's more than enough jackets and padded cells to keep the real nutters under control if they kick off. Meanwhile a spell of cold turkey for the pansies will do them nothing but good.

there's the real face of the hard brexiteers right there ^^^^ borderline psychotic.