Is it me or have these 'victims'

actually aided in these frauds?

Jade isn't a victim , she is just stupid


But the level of fraud is costing us millions

£100,000 of fraudulent activity each month was recorded at one Job Center  !!

That's just rank stupidity, the same as "push payment" fraud with banks.  Nobody should be compensated for being dumb.  And with banks it is literally compo-faced idiots jumping onto the "banks are bad" bandwagon to get back the dosh they so willingly gave to a fraudster.  Rarely have the words of Thomas Tusser been so comprehensively validated.

Vulnerable and naive.  Uneducated, not as advantaged as you.  Have a bit of fvcking compassion for those less fortunate.

I don't understand how the fraud worked

did they convince people to make claims then pressure them to give them the money??

 i saw about this on the telly last night.

the fraudsters offer a pay day loan of say £500.

the victim fills in some forms, which are then copied/used by fraudsters to make UC appls incl an advance of UC on behalf of the victim with £ paid into fraudsters bank account. Meanwhile the victim loses their existing bens of say £1500 and just get the £500 the fraudters have “lent” them.

then when the victim finds out they try to unravel it BUT are left owing bens office the £1500 advance, two thirds of which went to the fraudsters.