Isn't this good though?

 I assume the free vote will be against crashing out on a no deal...

Won't we then gave extension and election? This won't be in the "350m a week better off" but with the knowledge of what a clusterfvck leaving is.


why would they give us an extension?


even if they do, wtf would an election achieve? have you SEEN the people on question time? ordinary people want Brexit. They are fucking dicks. A general election is just civil war in slomo.

There are a lot of people who don’t go to Question Time who don’t want Brexit. If we get another referendum I will be very happy. Agree that a GE is a waste of time at this stage.

Clergham, what couldn't be negotiated in 2 plus years, what suggests an extension of 2-12 months will result in everything different. Interestingly she has allowed a free vote on the extension of Art 50, yet she said 81 times we will leave on 29th come what may. So another a u turn , good grief.

Remainers wanting another go non shocka. Did you see Anna Soubry on C4? She looked deranged.

The parliamentary arithmetic isn't there yet. No chance unless the Tories completely reject the idea of a softer Brexit.

if I were the EU and TMPM came to me for an extension I’d tell her to do one

There is a huge majority in the House of Commons against a no-deal Brexit, and rightly so. 

The logic is now that they vote down the no-deal option and go for an extension.  The EU have already as good as said they will grant one.  They don't want a no-deal Brexit either.  

In fact, the EU has indicated that it wants as long an extension as possible, to allow time for the UK to arrive at some kind of agreement about what it wants.  Figures of up to 21 months have been floated.  

So the bad news is that we all now get another 22 months of talking about Brexit.  

what stickers and Dal said. 

There will not be a no deal brexit. Despite  how that will disappoint a few of their wet dreams. 

Get ready for a bit longer of uncertainty. This will go on until public gets tired ...of this shit. 

There will be a no deal Brexit if the EU declines an extension.

And stop talking like some sort of pundit it's really irritating.

Because a General Election is the most stupid pointless thing to suggest and everyone except Corbyn with his wet dream of becoming PM knows that.  

the EU should just announce that there will be no extension 

Tory leadership election would surely achieve more than a GE, one way or the other.

Except a lot of their citizen's would be affected.  Those who live in the UK would be damaged by no transition.

You're American anyway...we can fvck up our own country without your twopenneth.. 

Doggers I’ve had to listen to loads of brits tede on about our fvcked up politics so i’m afraid you are going to have to put up with my returning the favour ...


EU saying no extension would bring certainty and end the ludicrous charade of UK politians treating the Brexit process like a student union debate


Don’t underestimate how pissed off the EU will be by now. Britain has always dicked them around and is still behaving like a child. And yet the only support for Brexit is a corrupt referendum result and a corrupt PM. 

No extension, no withdrawal of A50 and if the UK wants to come back it’s with the euro and no rebate. Shouldn’t be an issue anyway since the UK will be so much better off with the comprehensive suite of free trade agreements that are waiting to come into force 

Sigh. I think they will agree to extend.

See u in 2021 for the exact same chat.

I don't think they will extend without something in return.... I wouldn't.

So it either has to be another referendum on what's on the table or a GE.

My hope would be another referendum...

I don't think they are going to vote to crash out today.

This prediction has as much validity as one of Wellers of course....

The something in return is a deal, which they need.

A general election wouldn't fix anything at all.

Nothing will fix anything except abandoning Brexit, Clergs.

Even if leave win another referendum... we've still got the insoluble Irish issue.

*may you live in interesting times*

Delay to 2021 would simply give business more time to dump the UK :(


and the basic problem is that the deal which most brexiteers want - which is basically all the good bits of the EU but none of the obligations and no dirty forrins over here - isn’t on offer and never will be

Labour not backing a second ref cos it still thinks it can force a GE is only the second biggest political scandal of modern times.

Line (nearly all of) them up and shoot them.

I can't see a GE without TM resigning. Even then, it's doubtful if there would be the numbers for it.

if there were a GE, it would kill the TIG group at birth.

I can't see an extension beyond the euro elections. so it looks like that is the hard (er) deadline.



Also, the UKIPers have been quiet for ages. They know they only won the Ref with Russian Facebook ads, which won’t happen again as there’s too much scrutiny. And also all their lies have been exposed. 

Extend Art 50 to hold a second ref as it’s the only way out of this hellhole. 

Was just thinking about this. Cyber manipulation is much more sophisticated than it was even in 2016. It's not just about what you see, it's about what you don't see. I think we all probably hold at least one manipulated view. Or have missed the opportunity to develop a natural view on something.

Scared emoji.

I must be really draining going around constantly terrified and flinching at shadows

There will be an extension for 3 or 6 months

No attempt to deny the actual point I note, which kinda indicates i’m right

For the last time I am just not into bland englishmen ok.

There's going to be an extension.

Neither side can credibly commit to not asking for/granting an extension.

Basic game theory/common sense.

And once again the original point stands unchallenged. Telling.

You weren't making a point, you were having a dig at Clergs.

Also, what Stix and Cookie said about having a general election.

what is the point of a 3 to 6 month extension?  We have an impasse... .we can't agree to a basic and reasonable assertion that we may have to have a border....that isn't going to change.

The hard brexit plans are published today.... I wonder what they'll say about the border as at 29th?

they've said no border checks between NI and ROI and NI and England. but border checks everywhere else.


they've also published the tarrifts.


10% on cars, and the lamb industry is screwed.


(also hogget and mutton industry but you get my drift)


So Clubbers.... doesn't ROI need to install its own border now?  it's like which neighbour puts up the fence isn't it?

For the first time, I can now see A50 being revoked without a referendum

they've said no border checks between NI and ROI and NI and England. but border checks everywhere 

So a border between Wales and England and Scotland and England?

would leo want to be the man who put up a hard border on Ireland ?


No one wants to put up the border... but if we crash out, what is the alternate?

celtic utopia

scotland ireland and (sigh) wales in the EU having a great laugh

England crying and hugging it's worthless GBP

Yes Scotland should have gained its independence when the oil price

was at $110 and the SNP budgets were based on that figure

Basket case central