Islay Lovers

I have got hold of a couple of bottles of a cask strength Caol Ila from bottlers Aul Goonsy's.

Only 291 bottles and they've got 12 left.…

Superb whisky. Needs to be rested for ten minutes in the glass before drinking. The peatiness gives way to a beautiful sweetness.

Sip it carefully though. 58.2%

I love a peated whisky. Pretty much the only one I don't get on with is classic Laphroaig 10 which is like napalm death chemical smoky. 

Got a couple of Caol Ila at home but one is nearly finished so will have a look at your link when I get home.

Is it okay with tesco brand cola or do I need to spring for the good stuff?

@ Blindtom - I highly recommend you don't go near Talisker Storm either.

This Coal Ila does have quite a bit of peat and alcohol, but if you allow it to sit for ten minutes, it mellows right down.

That is a decent whisky too. Nice how they get it to just the right amount of peat, without drowning it.


I do agree with Sumo to the extent that Bowmore is massively underrated. For some reason just not that fashionable. It is good quality, perhaps not as peaty as others, easy to get hold of and decent price.

Personally I am a massive fan of Port Charlotte.

So bad they have to bottle it in Litre bottles to get the price up above £30.


Would this be a good present for someone who likes macallan, lagavulin and laphroigh?

ooh ding ding I begged some ard last night

"Would this be a good present for someone who likes macallan, lagavulin and laphroigh?"

Sounds like someone who drinks whisky for the name rather than the taste.

Get them a bottle of Glenrothes and they'd think it was boutiquey


Thanks Macawbre. My dad likes Islay whisky so will get him a bottle for Christmas 

Macawbre26 Nov 20 14:56

Least favourite of them all. On the island Bruichladdich seems to be most popular with the locals


what? Remy Martin's dabble into stuff people want to actually drink (plus Gin)?

kinda feels speculative, was it a travelling Bruichladdich salesman that told you this?

west26 Nov 20 14:59

Would this be a good present for someone who likes macallan, lagavulin and laphroigh?


Old Ballantruan for the win

failing that, Aberfeldy, maybe Dalwhinnie 

I didn’t realise there were so many islay whiskeys. I’ve bought him the one recommended by warlord (despite his unnecessarily rude response to my question...)

Peated whiskey is an environmental catastrophy. Should be banned completely.

This will fill a space left in the cupboard by a litre of Talisker 57 North that I bought on a ferry because I was bored. Getting classier in my old age.