Iran Seizes UK Flagged Tanker

Fun and games in the Straits of Hormuz. 

We will fight them on the oil tankers, we will never surrender.

Don’t we have two warships there? Where on earth were they?

Why does Westminster always, always have to get involved in this type of sh*t?

Do the Swedes or the Norwegians ever arrest Iranian tankers? 

It’s like the Iranians want to start a shooting war.  The US has 3 carrier battle groups just on their doorstop.  Really odd move by Iran, i have to say.

No they're using the British as a proxy to humiliate the Americans

And as always, the morons in the Foreign Office are trying to show everyone we can 'punch above our weight '

Leading us into another disaster  

Trump is in power and he only avoided bombing the Iranians by ten minutes last time, instead ordering another battle group to the area.  

He is insane enough to make use of them.  This isn’t going to end well.

This is all just part of a massive marketing campaign for Top Gun: Maverick. 

*looks at employers North Sea portfolio*

*prepares to dive into pool of gold coins like scrooge mcduck*

America sending troops, Patriot missiles and stealth fighters and bombers to Saudi Arabia.

Oh well.

A difficult situation. The Iranians must know that we could land a load of SBS types and take it back within an hour.

Its almost like they are provoking us to do it.

I think the 5th US fleet based in Bahrain (which includes 3 carrier strike groups) and the five US carrier battle groups east of suez may have a somewhat more persuasive effect if I’m going to look at from a power projection perspective.

It's almost like they are provoking us to do it.

If anyone is provoking anyone, its the Yanks using us as their proxy to bait Iran into creating a pretext for US aggression.

And because we are currently utterly rudderless, we have made the perfect patsy.