Intimate grooming

Who engages in this and to what extent?

Recently discovered that some men trim their armpit hair as well as chest/downstairs.



(Also, RoF seems a bit dull today, trying to give it a leg up)

I whip it all off sometimes then let it grow back

I find it particularly difficult getting a smooth finish on my arsehole 

Think clubbers was a big back crack n sack man

Sider I reckon you'd be better off learning mesmerism

I trim, never shave. Stubble is kind of gross in body hair on a man I think.

If I had a hairy back and shoulders, I would probably see about waxing. My brother has a hairy back/shoulder/neck and it's revolting to be on a beach with him.

what have you done

laz is shortly going to tell us about his grooming habits

***leaves thread***

I have a god once in a while with the pubus area, but as I cvant see it these days without looking inot a mirror I try and get someone in to do it, there are persons who get off with saving the nether regions

Occassionally I thin out the pits and I dont have a hairy starfish  so I am blessed there

A friend's ex was into cycling and swimming in a serious way. Baby smooth legs 24/7.

Wot linda said. My aforementioned hairy-backed brother shaves his chest before a holiday and has stubble. It's double revolting.

Canadian is just robbing the bible

11Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, “But my brother Esau is a hairy man while I have smooth skin. 12What if my father touches me? I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing.”

Genesis 27 if you are into that sort of thing

Rex, when I swam competitively I was fully shaved

This does make sense, although the cycling doesn't appear to warrant it. Otherwise Wiggo would never have won the TdF with sideburns 



A friend's ex was into cycling and swimming in a serious way. Baby smooth legs 24/7.


I thought all sexually active men shave all their nether regions and armpit hair. Notwithstanding basic appearance and hygiene, it helps the size optics. 

*holds nose and tries to make more hairs pop out just in case*

wiping your arse is much easier with a hairless balloon knot

Puberty is never ending when it comes to new hair growth. 

I focus on the nose, ears and nether regions. 

Is it just me, or is it slightly concerning that his brother's naked flesh elicits such a strong reaction from our friendly Canuck?

Even though I acknowledge that, in the the old photo at my brother's house of him and his wife on the beach, he's absolutely shredded - I'd think any simian resemblance or other physical quirks would be a source of mirth, rather than physical revulsion.

I never checked his legs personally but it was widely reported.

"What about back, shoulders, ears, and nose?"

Think you have the lyrics wrong but I it ends "heads, shoulders knees and toes"

double heh!

all hairy - little bushy sprouts on toes - knees least hairy s’pose. 

Think clubbers was a big back crack n sack man

I doubt it. For a start how would be know where to stop?

"knees least hairy s’pose"

and eyes and ears and mouth and nose


yeah I’ve often said to laydeez - who have been rude enough to suggest some hair removal - that they’d have to dip me in a vat of wax holding me by an ear; otherwise I’d have ridiculous “browse lines” at the edge of the fur forest. 

Does anyone else get hair growing up the shaft?  I'm sure its getting worse.  Tweezer removal for those bad boys, otherwise a good trim once every couple of months 

I’m all off downstairs. Recently did try shaving torso and armpit hair off too, but don’t know if I can be arsed to maintain that. Crack and back aren’t an issue.

I once had a date with a guy who shaved his arms and legs, I assume he cycled/swam. Was prickly, though. Hairy is better than stubble IMO.

I have become very lax with hair removal since lockdown. Seems unnecessary these days.

Does replying to a thread make you “all over it”?

Biggie some of us don't need to trim to emphasise the length.

Leg shaving amongst cyclists helps with the massages too I believe.  

I trim my crab ladder downwards at 7mm, veet my balls once a month. 

Love that burning sensation. 

Nose and ear hair increasingly frequently. Along with eyebrows that have now declared independence and autonomy.

I’m sufficiently hirsute so that any grooming elsewhere cannot be done in discrete patches otherwise it just looks like a bad accident. So it’s either a holistic exercise or not at all. 

Given vanity is second only to being short when it comes to male sins none at all it is. 

Why for the love of god is plucking nostril hair so vital but so painful?

Tell me about it. Women don’t know they’re born. 

Only the Y chromosome has a high enough pain threshold for this.