Interesting take on Boris


and his very deliberate and mannered bumbling Boris act  

Jeremy Vine tho, what an epic lozenge he is.

wot wango said. vine is a total throbber.

author of the piece aside, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone surely? Boris is a total charlatan. 

That's actually a really interesting story

I dunno I don't think a lot of people see it at all 

I dunno I don't think a lot of people see it at all 

I dont buy that his unpreparedness and incompetence is all an act - he may have a prepared after dinner act consisting of a tightly prepared oft repeated speech that looks off the cuff sure - but anyone who heard his Eddy Mayer interview on PM on the 2017 Queens Speech will know that his utter incompetence and lack of fitness for office is totally genuine.

What wango on another thread said (clerg's thread on Laura and bojo bonking) and his buffoonery being recognised as his charm. 

Also what Guy said

It's not unexpected (Wang) and I wouldn't go as far at to conclude unpreparedness is "all an act" (Guy).  This is just a working example of where the lines blur with Boris, from which you can draw your own conclusions.

Eh, I havent said anything about expectation?

yeah, I mean, not like everyone at that do wouldn't be totally off their tits on toilet duck by the time he hit the stage and started doing his krusty the clown


Sorry Wang it was Wellers, I misread it

I do remember when he was mayor, if a jouno approached for a comment on something he would always muss up his hair for the camera before replying, he didnt even bother to hide it..

i have a mate who was at college with him, I must ask what was like then.

I don't think there is a "mystery" here - he is a bumbling ill prepared charlatan who sometimes plays up these already perfectly genuine characteristics for effect -either to amuse or to obfuscate.