That instagram lawyer bird in the news section

"Anonymous 07 June 19 18:42

She looks like a Frank Sidebottom tribute. "


Proper nearly shat myself laughing at that comment.

1. people read rof news!?

2. people comment on it. A LOT!?

3. heh!



I am very interested to note where she has ended up having known her legend from back in the day. 

There are loads of regular registered commenters in the news section who never post on here 

just on the story itself - She needs some help with photoshop. Unless the idea was to look like an orange alien with a genetic disorder? 

The comments in the article are worth a shout.

Numerous ex-colleagues slagging her off then lots of "disinterested observers" sticking up for her.

Any Lydia puts in an appearance too.

I can't get over how perfectly spherical her boobs are

Hopefully hemispherical rather than actually spherical.  You can go too far with plastic surgery. 

I don't know if she is mental but I would be surprised if the interviews involved technical questions rather than a drink with a Guy Who Knows Potential When He Sees It

""If they knew behind that pretty, cute and sweet facade is a savage, aggressive and psychotic bitch...they would love me even more", she posted. "


She. is. mental. 


she also unwisely posted her desk at work, surely that breaches confidentiality rules?

ok maybe she is mental idk


but to my certain knowledge I would not hire a team that had her in it for anything other than "charming the other side into simultaneously intrigued and revolted submission"


just my view


always suspected yank shops were all mouth and ( apparently literally in some cases) no trousers



nah I am sure a middle aged male partner hired her because of her amazing law skillz. 



 I am sure a middle aged male partner hired her after actually meeting her in person.

I just don’t understand it. 

Why has she gone out of her way to post dozens of ‘anonymous’ comments of support/character references about herself referring to all the ‘haters’ when there were hardly any ‘haters’ on there? 

The standard of photoshop is atrocious. As for the rest who the feck cares. 


I love all the supporters waving flags at her incredible marketing talent - so incredible that she hasn’t got a single brand endorsement despite the 30k followers....

(I have a client who uses a Russian web services team to run her IG account too. It’s also littered with #skinnygirl type of tags - really odd fetish? She is at least naturally skinny and looks entirely like an alien without photoshop- -result- and in fact goes on about her [insert complex subject] degree quite often. She is of course married to a billionaire and doesn’t work in any conventional sense. I think there’s a lot of them on Instagram- Kirsty bertarelli aka Britain’s richest woman has an amazing IG #skinnykween #ad #spon 

Heh at bertarelli 


“fish n chips n mushy peas” on a PRIVATE JET

I particularly enjoy the time and effort she took to invent sock puppets to support her in the comments section of the news story, including the one who linked her brief presence at two of the firms she passed through briefly with their ‘record profits’ in the relevant times

*hands Bernstein a copy of ‘The big picture book of trolling for beginners’*

Jeez, that's some of the worst photoshopping I've ever seen!

So this must be judy's competition for the billionaire market 

I had to chuckle at someone who made a supporting comment to one of her pics describing her as a natural beauty.

Had to stop looking at her pics as she looked far to fake.

She looks so much better in that law firm picture someone posted. She must have serious body dysmorphia to think the photoshop makes her look better, poor woman.

I imagine anything with a pulse to be LA's target market.

it is still going

I am so glad i do not work for an american firm what is wrong with them?

Sweet baby Jesus it's getting more and more mental

do you reckon she drafts like that?


"I am sooooo hot h8rs and you would be lucky to receive security over my open book"

HatersAreSoDumb 12 June 19 21:25

Linda’s haters be like ... “I don’t understand why she’s beautiful ... I don’t understand why people love her ... I don’t understand why she’s always having fun ... I don’t understand why she’s such a good lawyer ... I don’t understand why she has so many followers on Instagram ... I don’t understand why she’s so slim ... I don’t understand why she’s so funny ... I don’t understand why I’m not her ... I don’t understand why I hate her ... I don’t understand why people think I’m pathetic ... I’m genuinely just trying to understand!!!” ?

she's just a coincidental fellow model passing through

Coincidental fellow model who knows a good lawyer when she sees one.

the story and the comments only increase my fear for the future of humanity

This is classic social media manipulation though. Post enough to drown out the sane ones, while implying that the majority view is that psychonutjob is the greatest, thinnest, orangest etc. 

I just don't understand how she has seemed credible at at least four interviews

Ha. I think she must be incredibly insecure or incredibly arrogant. I cannot decide which.

oops i accidentally posted on that article instead of here. There seems to be a defined point at which she hired a social media manager, and started getting relativly consistent engagement levels per post. The actual engagement levels are sub-4% though so that's why the comments about her being a succesful marketeer are so very lol'some. ANd of course why nobody has offered any endorsement deals

Frankly this thread is a disgrace.  In this day and age, you lot criticising a woman for what [she clearly could not possibly] look like. You disgust me.

Is this what happened to the oompah loompas when augustus gloop wedged the chocolate pipe up?  

Too skinny for me but she may have overwhelming legal skills.

Clubbers, have you been there? 

Clubbers, have you been there? 

Does she look pregnant to you?

Lots and lots of sexism in here from Clergles, good to see

It would appear she's organised her paid instagram bots to downvote a load of the negative comments on rof too!

If an individual like her (or someone associated with her) can achieve that many obviously fake comments on a RoF article, it is terrifying to think what someone with proper money can do to social media. We're all fcuked.

yeah, they could almost become president of the United States or something.

sorry to be late to this fascinating issue.


Firstly, I heh'd on a call thinking I was on mute to this exchange.


C11 Jun 19 13:05

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I can't get over how perfectly spherical her boobs are

Buzz.11 Jun 19 13:07

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Hopefully hemispherical rather than actually spherical.  You can go too far with plastic surgery. 



You try explaining what you are laughing at when it's that.


Secondly, I have seen her in a movie somewhere. Can't recall what it was. Oh yes. It's called Paul.



The face shape is a bit more reminiscent of Charlie and Lola though.


No idea what she's like as a lawyer and am completely open-minded but her pictures look ridiculous, vapid and rather sad.