the influx of trolls on here
The Oracle of Delphi 13 Aug 19 11:43
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i don’t mean the standard roffer gentle trolling that’s part of the furniture, like 3dux and ebitda and wellers

i mean the series of very similar styles but different names who are peppering multiple threads, targeting esp anna with abuse etc, with the sole purpose seemingly of spreading an agenda

this is wot ruined old rof 

i guess it’s because 8chan’s now down?

I blame that BBC documentary on Incels that mentioned RoF, that's when they all flocked in

old rof was ruined by sniffling little cunts like you and your tedious cripple fights with Draco etc. 


U put me in mind of Charlie Chan's in Cambridge, now defunct.  Nowhere in that town to get lemon chicken, crispy duck, special fried rice and witness a jazz band so old the odds on a stroke or heart failure from one of the performers were evens.

All served on a lazy susan.


Loved that place.

? draco arguments. it was a love-hate relationship. no-one else paid attention to those u tool

and yes u r exactly the sort of indistinguishable and pointless poster referred to in my op


I now have an image of a naked Lydia with chinese food all over her. 


I will hunt you down and kill you for that. 


To be fair to Wibble, he has been an annoying cunt on here for months.

oooh a thread all for me. 

I feel touched, like a catholic alter boy 

oh right, i haven’t really noticed him til now

furry muff carry on wibble

Oracle what you are doing in this thread is called ‘concern trolling’. It’s a type of trolling. HTH.

that makes no sense but ok

ultimately it’s a primary purpose q

"i haven’t really noticed him til now"




thats priceless you sad twat. 

Either Hanners or Gannicus is my guess, but PrideMonthh is definitely Hanners so must be Gannicus.

Wibble has Gannicus' signature arrogance.

Wibble is a gnarled old hand on here

Now operating under false colours

I thought it was Gannicus, but he’s had a few run-ins with Hoolie, so either it’s not, there’s trouble in paradise, or it’s an elaborate double bluff.

I am Hanners. 

Supes and Segio Said it, so it must be true. 


Tbf they are trustworthy sources.  Did u ever tell yr dad hanners?

wibble13 Aug 19 13:18



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I am Hanners. 

Supes and Segio Said it, so it must be true

i don’t remember that

anyway it can’t be ganni- he was a ledge

Pretty sure I know who Wibble is. (I know who claims to be Wibble anyway.)

SirPittCrawley (?) and hotnow are the same person.

Hanners was posting on here a while ago as 3StandardDeviations but he appears to have forgotten the login to that account. He might be massivefuckwit as well.

Wibble is a knicker-stealing, chair-sniffing cuntweasel of the lowest order.  Worse than Wang, even.

There is no trouble in paradise living together is bliss. Thank you for your concern