“Inept” Southampton Uni Legal Team

Cost the university 3.5mil at an employment tribunal they didn’t turn up to.


This is the public sector though so suspect nobody will lose their job.

ha,ha just read the judgement doesn't give a lot away, found an article and the story is odd.


How easy is it to overturn the decision?



Not quite the case, as Southampton ET has reconsidered it’s Judgement and basically set aside the original Judgment and given leave to Southampton Uni to defend.

But not before Head of Legal had to make a grovelling apology and she blamed their failure to attend, somewhat bizarrely, on the basis that they thought it was ‘simply’ a Directions hearing.

I’m not sure many of us in PP would blithely ignore a directions hearing in a £3M case.

Judge, quite rightly, gave Southampton Uni legal dept an almighty bolloxing.

Anyone there hoping to move into private practice had better take it off their CV even if entirely unconnected with the particular issue

In addition to falsifying their CV they should spend, depending on their seniority, somewhere between a year and a day and seven years in sackcloth and ashes crawling in hand and knee between the courts of England and Wales begging for alms and forgiveness.

And if redoing their training contract doesn't teach them a lesson I don't know what will. 

a mere five days after me mentioning this on here Jamie ROF made it a news story

So, within the space of a week....when they publish legal news weekly?

ha, I never realised they only published weekly.


I thought they just published as and when.