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What language does Yasmin speak at home with her mother?

Gosh, that episode was worse than the first. What was the central theme to last nights episode? I have no clue.

The casting is a bit odd, as although Yasmin is pretty enough, she ain’t got too much sex appeal.

Can’t really work out what’s going on between the lads as well - are they all  bisexual?

MH, I think thats how its playing out, at least on an occasional basis. All a bit odd

As I said on my thread about it it seems to have given up on being about banking and turned into soft porn.

Back in the day I did an internship in a global european Investment Bank, working in the IBD. I have known many who did them at Bulge Bracket Banks. They wouldn't have the energy to shag everything that moves, and do coke at the weekend. They worked 18 hours a day, 6 days a week, and on the seventh day they slept!

I never understand the trope of American girls not understanding how un-circumcised cocks work

are there two blond gay guys? one posh and one working class?

One OE black guy?

The girl on the FX desk who fancies the working class blond boy?  Which country is her mother from?

The black girl who is hiding her grade transcript?

- one blonde bi guy (living with his girlfriend) went to Eaton with the black gay guy. Not an intern

- one blondish guy, obsessed with bland sometimes Spanish girl. Lives with black gay guy who he met at uni

- one black gay guy, went to Eton. Doesn’t want to be on the trading floor. wore blonde bi guys jizz on him to work 

- dead one

- sometimes Spanish girl who gets salads for men and flirts with blondish guy

- black girl who has faked her grades and past. Who despite having a well paid internship is viewing shit holes to live in

the blondish guy, the working class coke head, who lives with the black gay old etonian, is bi ocassionally, at least with his black housemate , we were being given not so subtle hints last night...

I didn’t pick up on those hints at all, I thought that was just bantz 

does Spanish / arabic girl fancy blond working class cokehead or OE blonde who has a a thing with the black OE one who wants to stay in IBD?

oh and the pink painted flat that the black girl went to see is on Portobello Road, I lived almost opposite to it.

yes and why is the black female intern looking at squats. Big banks house those who don't live in London..

I thought Yasmin and her family were speaking Turkish or possibly Kurdish at home rather than Arabic.

Ebit banks used to house people who moved for jobs but these days based on my friends' who've moved around you now get a month or six week of accommodation when you first arrive somewhere then  you have to find a place to rent privately.

Quite liked the first episode, thought the second was shite. Trying far too hard to be edgy - WTF was the text photo Yasmin sent to the blonde lad at the end about

It's basically turned into Skins, but with bankers rather than students

The guy with black hair (Greg?) who got the football question wrong in the cab at the end is however the most stereotypically 30 year old London banker looking man in the World though

Skins with Bankers is a great way to describe it.


There was zero need for Yasmin's boyfriend to have his cock out on camera

sails, interns who don't live in London are housed, assuming they cannot live with family or friends. She was an intern

And the first episode was it neccesary for the working class blondish white lad, coke head to be parading about fully frontal naked having just got out of a work shower. What was the point?

Dave that's just a modern take on the old trick of making someone jealous.  She led him on before shoving out of the cab and rounded it off by sending him a photo of what he could be doing...

I found this programme to be absolutely horrible and I wont be watching any more.


EBITADA, someone on the higher end of the BMI scale

My parents said they couldn't understand the dialogue and I pointed out half of it is banking tech speak which is incomprehensible to most people.

The sex were just totally gratuitous and graphic.  I didn't think there was any need for Yasmin to demonstrate she's dominant by trying to strangle her slightly useless boyfriend.

Not nearly enough documents, MiFID discussions or debate about RWA for my liking. I quite liked the font-based angst in Ep.1 though.

I am still no closer to ascertaining what nationality Yasmin's mother is though.

ebit, I felt the blondeish one admiring his cock in the first episode, though not essential, showed how arrogant and cocky (no pun intended) he was

Judy I suspect there will turn out to be some political angle to the parents hence I'm going for Kurdish or Farsi or the like.

Swiss that triggered me from nights of working with bankers checking for double spaces after full stops and the alignment of text boxes.  That's when I realised banking and consultancy presentations are all style rather than content. "Can't you take this boring text here and turn it into a diagram?".

Indeed Tony, not enough of preparing ten pitchbooks at the same time, for pitches that never take place

That used to really irritate in my time in corporate finance.  Working your arse off to finish a pitch book and handing it to someone only for them to tell you the meeting was cancelled two days ago.  It's really not that hard when you've had the call or e-mail saying it's cancelled to tell someone else they can stop what they're doing.

The other was being asked to compile a load of information and handing to someone senior then hearing nothing for two months until it suddenly became a matter of life or death that the task was finished by the end of the week only to then hear nothing more about it for a couple of months.

SAILS - perhaps Yasmin and her mother will end up being served with unexplained wealth orders or subject to sanctions?

Indeed sails , it drove me mad for a while. Or seeing your diary with meetings arranged , wonder over to a Directors cubicle , stand there for a bit , and say we ought to get going. He doesn’t look up and says “it’s cancelled”

Quite possibly Judy.  There's clearly some reason for suddenly making it clear that her background is something forrin.

Q- once the wasted pitch book issue happened once, didn’t you from then onwards continually check with your supervisors whether the work you were doing was still ‘live’ or not?

Surely no one could object to that if it was asked politely/professionally?

This thread is like you collectively decided to ‘watch’ a programme by each only watching five minute pieces and then describing what happened to each other on here...

Good point Judy. 

Marshall not as an intern you don’t or even as an analyst or associate. Besides there are a few of you working on the same pitch book albeit different parts .

another frustrating thing was getting people to read text beyond a third of a page . “ can’t that go in a PP or spread sheet “ The pain on their faces when forced to Reed a word doc was palpable. 

Although the gofer investment bankers face the drudgery of pitch books, they are then the ones who order the older, more qualified, more experienced lawyers to do what they say. Being patronised by bankers was why I quit the become a banker. If you can't beat em.

Marshall you could ask and be told it was still needed then be told a couple of hours that it was no longer required only to be told the next day it was in fact needed by lunchtime.  

The other special was they'd read it a couple of times and make comments which you'd incorporate then the day before the meeting they'd read it properly and announce at 5pm that it needed completely rewriting.

I went back to law because I got fed up of wasting my time doing stuff which was largely bollocks.  I also discovered that corporate financiers don't have a black book of investors who might be suitable for a deal and actually just cold call anyone who might vaguely have invested in something similar.

SS - but in many respects we litigators do that all the time - prepare cases endlessly for trials, 95% of which 95% settle before court, so all that effort is down the pan...

Mind you, I've never met a litigator who would prefer a live trial over a settlement (apart from the very rarest of 'slam-dunk' cases).

Sails most of what you say in your last post is about right , but the idea that corporate financiers , don’t have a black book of investors/contacts is wrong . Balance sheet banks will have loads , although advisory only institutions I accept will mostly have fewer genuine “good to go “ connections.

Marshall but at least litigators go through the procedural process for a point and with an outcome at every stage . So by way of example disclosure  excersises are never a waste of time . 

If I had to guess I'd say Yasmin and her mum were speaking Farsi. Didn't sound anything like Arabic to me. 

There have been a pleasing number of norks on display so far. I make it three pairs over the first two episodes. The best by far were those belonging to the random bird the blonde intern shagged in the nightclub.

It's pretty soapy, low attention span stuff, but I'm enjoying it so far (probably due to the aforementioned norks).

It’s a very BBC view of what an investment bank is like. 

I'm Arab and can confirm that Yasmin and her mother were speaking Arabic, albeit horribly butchered.

Marshall litigators need to have the case ready to present at trial as there's a more than even chance it will get that far and they'll generally be paid for doing the work.  I spent weeks compiling a guide to sovereign wealth funds because one of my colleagues thought it would be useful but I don't think it was ever shown to a client or used for their and we weren't paid for doing the work in any way.  One moment it would be urgent then I'd hear nothing and then would suddenly be told it was urgent again.  I worked on a number of similar things over the space of about 18 months.

You get a lot of fire drills in law as well Sails. Perhaps not conveyancing though. 

I watched Ep.2 last night. Did any scene involve dialogue that you would hear in the real world? a fair amount was inaudible (at least to an old fart like me). The plot descended into gibberish even to someone from the industry, goodness knows how it went down in [insert random industrial town]. The BBC has some talent for taking a good idea and destroying it within one or two episodes. 

I am annoyed, I wanted this to be good (the This Life of IB). It wasn't.

i think they have gone for style over substance . 

Rue not really in my line of work.  You might get a load of stuff ready for a property sale that's then postponed but you can just dust it off and use when the property is eventually sold.  Got a few things that I started before the original lockdown that died and have then come back to life.

Had to turn it off 5 mins into ep 2. Absolute tripe

Course it is, it’s not a documentary, it’s an for entertainment purposes and it’s directed by Lena Dunham, ffs. 

Feebs re yasmine's bf cock out maybe it was just the beeb doing equal opportunity nudity?

And the central theme of tonights episode was? 3k to rent a small room in a house share in Notting

Bizarre indeed, I just don’t see how it ties anything together.