Indoor swimming pools naff/gauche or nice to have one if you can afford it?

My sister has one. She didnt put it in, it came with the house.

she is a keen fitness swimmer - and gets up st 5.30 to drive 20 mins to a public pool because the home one just doesnt work for quick laps.

also they dont have it running really, the cost is mind blowing, you have to heat it for days to get it up to temp then if no one really uses it its a massive waste.

I should say I can't afford one,but are you saying assuming the house has one already, the up keep costs are heating the actual pool? I have heard this argument before but if you have spent multiple millions on a house with a pool, what is an extra £60.00 PW on your heating bill?

Yes, the upkeep.

I guess it depends on the individual, my sis thought they would use it a lot more (3 kids) but not enough to make it worthwhile. They say yeah I'll have a swim then either just don't or just dive in couple of lengths.

They have an image of naffness bored middle aged chavs with too much money, portrayed usually with a cocktail bar attached and the lady of the house eyeing the pool boyr. Maybe that's all they're good for.

If you build it to modern standards with a full cover then once it's up to temperature it doesn't need much to keep it there.  The killer is if you don't have a cover and have to keep the room constantly heated to just above the water temperature to avoid evaporation and condensation.  I'm looking forward to mine when it's finished next year.

If you're realistically going to use it and make the most of it then go for it; if not, why would anyone who's not a khunt do so?

If you're worrying about all the other 'is it the done thing?' bollox then you probably shouldn't bother and have bigger issues to deal with.

I reckon the problem BC is that you THINK you’re going to use it a lot and then dont. So quickly you decide to mothball it, as sis has done.


i doubt anyone cares what the neighbours think.

I have considered installing an in-ground undercover pool but they are a money pit. The cost & effort of keeping them clean is too high. Plus I have beach for free nearby where I spend a fair bit of time.

Not yet Ebit but currently adjusting the plans for it and have a big hole in the ground ready for it to go into.  For the time being make do with my parents' outdoor pool over the summer.

I do Ebit but will shortly be selling it to fund the ongoing building of my country palace.  Finally got the clearance from the planners yesterday so full steam ahead now.

Why would you care whether someone else thinks your choices are naff/gauche.

what a middle-middle thing to worry about

oooh I would love my own pool

one day I will have a massive pool with a retractable roof so it can be indoor or outdoor

Ah sails so you are moving to a big pad in the country with a pool then, well done. What about the commute, and won't you find it a bit too big to role about it alone or are you not bothered?

If I am ever in the unlikely position to be able to afford it, I would like an indoor pool, but one which had fullly retractable sliding doors on at least two sides.

Will try to do some working from home and also working on my parents to get a place in London we can share when they sell up on the basis I'll be sharing my country place with them while they decide where they want to downsize to (I suspect they won't downsize and will take up permanent residence with me).

I've already got plans to invite plenty of friends for weekends once the place is finished so won't be too lonely.  It's also where I grew up and plenty have people have moved back now they've got kids.

I shall have sliding doors down most of one side but solid wall on the other side as that borders a track to the field so not attractive to look at.

Would only have an outdoor one myself - don't particularly enjoy swimming indoors.  Wouldn't hesitate to get an outdoor one if I had the space and could easily afford it.