imagine dating these guys holy shit

Heh omg they don't have girlfriends 

they will use it to check up on their colleagues, neighbours, targets of their rage etc 


well that's what I would have assumed but they seem to keep going on about how they NEED TO KNOW IF SHE'S CUCKING ME WHY IS SHE NOT RETURNING MY CALLS?

maybe because you're a fucking psycho, m8

I do sometimes wonder if journos like Manavis make things worse by implying that a tiny weird subset are in any way legitimate but on the other hand the tech is coming either way

i bet the software gives loads of false positives and they use it to harass those neighbours etc


I mean if someone IS in porn then by definition they don't mind people watching them in porn, stop being such complete freaks

I am too clever for these people as although obviously I have done loads of pron I have no social media presence for them to compare it with.

strutter prevails again.

I completely lucked out on the social media front as the name I use was also adopted as the character in a bad Hollywood film.

Unless one searches my name with a former firm that I worked at, anyone looking will simply get pages upon pages of bad reviews. In fairness probably not dissimilar to my real results but at least I can disavow those!


My nickname IRL is the same as a top Pron producer.

No one has commented on it yet, but it's there.

He did work for Vivid.


I don't get it (unsurprisingly, as I'm still in about 2002 when it comes to tech).

If you want to stalk someone, wouldn't you just follow them?

And if you want to befriend someone, wouldn't you just talk to them?

I often wonder what happens to these girls. Whether they are ultimately dumped on to Japanese porn sites, and killed in 'snuff' movies. Too dangerous otherwise for them going to police to bring  rape charges

I also don't get it - why would someone who's worried their Mrs has been shagging about be happier if they found out it was porn

Did they mishear Emma Thompson's speech in Love Actually?

Is it just a necklace?

Or sex and a necklace?

Or Love and a necklace?

Oh it was just bukkake with lizards?  PHEW!