I’m randy as fuck
a perfectly no… 11 Sep 19 13:26
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Just to avoid any doubt, I offer this update purely FYI and not in the hope of soliciting any offers of assistance.

Just as well, cos you look like the ugly kid from Flipper.

Heh! Literally no idea who that is, and love the idea of looks based insults on an anonymous discussion board! But I’m sure that guy gets paid more than you.

* laid more than you


although I’m DEFINITELY sure he gets paid more

Probably, on both counts.  But we've met, Laz, so it's hardly anonymous, is it?

I would expect the kid from flipper is Brown bread Swingo.  But it would have been funnier if you were in it.  Gentle Ben would have intervened.



Who’s this Laz fellow with whom you have me confused? 

Weird looking ginger bloke who can’t make his mind up about anything.

To change the subject entirely, have you decided yet if you are going to be Belgian or Irish? Or is some other nationality beckoning this week?

Not enough misogyny for that.  Significant amounts of fantasism.  Not enough madness for a Tecco sock puppet.  Definitely Laz.

speaking of fantasies, Badman what’s your plan for ever touching a woman again now that the one who’s ever steeped herself to do so has fucked off?

Hmmm.  Amusing, but entirely wrong.  That was actually second marriage.  It was the first one who fucked off.  This time I fucked off after more than a decade of psychological abuse, but don't let facts interrupt your fun.  And as most people know, I'm shacked up with MJJ.  So that would be the middle and both ends of my plans for now.

Ummm - it's hardly a secret.  We've not exactly been discreet.

I suspect the determinative factor is not the extent to which you and whichever benighted female has agreed to touch your cock have been discreet. The key issue is whether anyone gives a monkey’s. HTH

Oh c’mon wang - of course it is laz. 

The contrarianism. The ostentatious leftyism. The massively verbose pronouncements. The soccerball. The ‘I don’t like coffee and I drink 3 IPAs of an evening’. The not being able to decide which country he won’t end up applying for citizenship of.

It couldn’t be more if he tried to throw you a ball underarm and knocked himself out in the process.

My Lazometer is at 99% positive.

It’s just one outrageous comment about the Barcodes going deep into Europe this season away from being a slam dunk.


Skeptical it is Laz. All this talk about being in Belgium, Ireland or Malta now?

His firm's website shows him still in Hong Kong.

Didn't realise Nabarros were in Honkers

Don't think it's Laz. Not enough intolerant mania

Chambers11 Sep 19 19:58

Skeptical it is Laz. All this talk about being in Belgium, Ireland or Malta now?

His firm's website shows him still in Hong Kong.

As always, a brilliant point by Chambo. 

We should know by now that if Laz says he's doing something, he's jolly well doing it! (e.g. quitting work to become a football commentator in Paraguay, cycling 50 miles a day to get into the Olympic team, etc.)