I'm the first in a meeting room and it smells of farts

And everyone who subsequently arrives is going to think I farted.

Should I bring it up or does that make me seem more guilty?

Leave the room and come back when someone else is there.

One of those windowless ones

It seriously smells awful

He who smelled it dealt it*


*I realise this old wive's tale is not cool in the new woke world**


**Nor is the phrase old wives' tale probably***

***I am now wondering about my apostrophies

what panda said

I assumes all meeting rooms en ecosse smelled of fart tbh

How is that unwoke is it because of people who can't smell?

I was referring to the term "old wives; tale" clergs

Have used a semi, just in case

Pour your self a strong black coffee and pour some into the bin / on the floor too to get the place smelling of coffee/.

Or open one of your fusty yellow or orange books up so the place just stinks of tax instead?

sorry about the smell but I shat myself... 

do take a seat. 

leave it so they know your 2 days off with food poisoning was genuine

Rof - a high brow site just giving it to its readers the way they like it. Up the arse.