Ignorant Tory MPs and GDPR

These complainants are being vexatious aren't they? You don't need to "opt in" or "consent" to data use if there is a legitimate use, and giving your data to a political party rather suggests that using it internally for that party's purposes is legitimate, no? 

Both the complainants have the absolute right to opt OUT of course, including a right to ask for removal or deletion of information or to restrict processing of it, and the right to object to the use of their information, but their complaint to the ICO is just time-wasting and politically-motivated, and based on a misreading of the law, no?


you need to tell people what you will do with their data

i.e. if you contract with them you do not need to consent to them processing your data for payment etc but they do need to tell you that they will process it for the purpose of performing the contract

I doubt anyone has been informed up front that their data will be slurped by an individual member to run his election campaign, sending the unsolicitated mails is really more a consumer protection from spam issue though

intenral process of the conservative party for statistical purposes or use of anonymised data would be okay 

The Party privacy policy states, inter alia:

"If you join the Party we have a legitimate interest in processing your data and contacting you about all aspects of your membership including information about your entitlements as a member and about Party events; either by post or by electronic means...

"...We will never sell your data but sometimes it is necessary to share your information, either within the wider Conservative Party, or with our service providers and data processors. Data is only ever shared where we have a justification and when the law allows us to do so.

We share data with: 

·The wider Conservative Party

·Political organisations

·Elected representatives


Looks like that covers your point Smoking

I think we're both agreed their complaints are going nowhere.

as the conservative party, yes

as the Boris Johnson election campaign, no

if you do not know what "specific consent" is then I suggest you ring up Julian Assange and pull your grinder profile stat

"Howlett told the Guardian: “Brandon Lewis should conduct an urgent investigation ...  it is for the official Information Commissioner’s Office to determine.”"

Smoking - I think you are wrong and their complaints will be ruled groundless, for the reasons set out above.

yes but you're a rabid socialist Corbynista who doesn't believe in the concept of personal property so you would believe that 

I, meanwhile, am sure that the law will protect the personal property of the complainants

I would not have used "groundless" there, you've tied yourself to a ruling of "wrong" even if they don't get an effect i.e. there were grounds for complaint but the non compliance was de minimis