If you were to take up a new hobby from scratch, something you’ve never done before, what would it be?
Sir Woke XR Re… 12 Aug 22 22:56
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it can be whatever u like

+1 for blacksmithing.  I have blacksmiths and whitesmiths in the family and would love to learn it.

Proper weaving on a loom.

Wood carving

Watch repairing or beer brewing. 15 years ago it would have been parkour but my knees wouldn’t survive these days. 


I have never even owned a dog; but the notion of running with my canine companion brings out something elemental in me.

Cultivating orchids. 

Always  loved them. Never got past buying one from the supermarket and watching it slowly die. 

parkour looks fun and is very un-me. I like stuff that subverts the concept of me

I had a dream the other night that I could do parkour.  

Peter m88, I’d start small and start by wearing brown shoes with a blue suit

rather than incorrectly choosing black I mean

Assuming I had the time? Because if I had more time I’d devote it to things I already have done but want to do more of. 

But to run with the OP, if it has to be completely new, hmm, can’t think. Yoga would be useful. 

After recently being tapped up for £120 for a kids birthday cake I decided to give the whole baking/decorating thing a go and I've found I'm quite good at it.

I wanted to learn piano forever. Nev bought me a piano last year and I started taking lessons from scratch and I’m probably grade 5/6 standard now. 

i absolutely love it. I only ever wish I could find more time to play and practice. It’s 💯 my fave hobby 

It would deffo be an ancient English craft.

Not that I'll ever retire, but when I slow down a bit a plan to do lots of this stuff.  I love all those historical farming recreation shows like Tales from the Green Valley.


Handy and all. 

Or welding. My brother in law welds for fun. Makes extremely heavy duty fire pits and stuff. 

Made me a jacking plate from a digger bucket blade. V useful hobby and would justify a massive shed..

I might listen to your podcast gaggers, I love the  Ozz. I can tell which one’s yours from your writing style in the pod intro and episode summaries.

Well we were the first ever podcast on the UK Office... And we are the biggest .

You'll most likely guess who's me and out me but tbh I don't really care... Don't post anything here I wouldn't say under my real name anyway 

I - or rather my dog - follows a dog called Blodgett on Instagram who lives in Denver and is very accomplished at "barkour".

He's awesome.

"parkour looks fun and is very un-me. I like stuff that subverts the concept of me"

Parkour would quite literally subvert the concept of you.

For me - kitesurfing or paragliding.

Yoga is ace.  I am quite the hippy these days.  Live rock climbing and abseiling.  

would like to try paddleboarding.  Have been watching the kite surfers this week with some envy (and full knowledge that this is very very difficult)

I went gliding once . Fun and interesting but I see it more as something that was great to experience on an ad hoc basis than a regular thing to do all the time .

Paddle boarding is very easy, there is nothing to it. I would buy a sewing machine and start trying to make some cool things from Liberty and other cool fabrics. 

Laz one of my guilty you tube pleasures is watching epic parkour failz.  I think you would be ACE at this.  In fact I think a Laz does parkour channel would have 1mio plus subscribers in minutes

Thanks for that Wang. Never thought of looking for it but I really like it. 

I think the fact that it is totally self inflicted makes it less uncomfortable viewing. Also, people are surprisingly bouncy aren't they?

Yes, if someone is doing a sport which is basically "look at me mum, no hands!" then looking at them is entirely legitimate.  I award bonus points for style, aggression and using the testicles as a cushion

Well, except for I just actually started it a few months ago: flying. Have so far logged about 10 hours. Harder than I expected.

CW no we did not manage to monetize it. We did run some adverts and got paid a bit but it barely covers the hosting costs 

 Not sure if it's really a hobby or just a skill, but celestial navigation would be pretty interesting.  

I did gliding for a few years up at Sutton  bank in North Yorkshire. Great fun, but very serious at the same time, as evidenced by the bits of wrecked gliders in the hangers and the four or five memorial stones around the cliff.

And getting buzzed at 5,000ft by a couple of RAF Tornados was an erm.. experience.

Learning the drums. I had a revelation last year realising there's readily available software that allows you to drum along to practically any song on an electric drum kit, with the drum track removed. Previously dismissed drumming since I don't want to play in a band, and therefore assumed playing the drums at home in isolation would be quite dull... (as opposed to say the guitar).


Plus realising the quietness of electric drum kits means I wouldn't need to build a bunker to play them in.

Have just done it.  Bought myself a DJ setup (modest Pioneer DDJ-400, existing speakers and amp, new laptop) and am teaching myself to mix.  Mainly house and techno.  Really enjoying it.  Also an excuse to dance around on my own.