if you were starting your legal career now

which area would you specialise in and why?

Broadly speaking I would make all the same decisions again.

Public law / constitutional & administrative

Recent, current and future governments, combined with the Brexit fiasco and a general way of behaving by the political class has created enough fuel for litigation to burn like a melting nuclear reactor for the decades ahead.

Wot wibble said. Not law. I'd use the qualification to hoodwink people in other sectors into thinking that I am clever.

There was a partner at my old firm.  Let's call him Joe Smith.  Joe did some general advisory work, but mostly sat as a NED for lots of French and Italian businesses.  He racked in £5k/month times 20 and kicked up 50% into the partnership.  He got to keep 100% of the Christmas gifts (he cleared about £20k worth of very nice wine each year).

I'd like to specialise in Joe Smith Law.

I'd qualify and join a branch of the armed services as a lawyer.

What I have done tbh. I fell into law by accident like most people but I am, by and large, happy.

Otherwise, possibly shipping.

I reckon Lt-Col Dux and Capt Sailo would make a formidable team tbh.

telly / film. proliferation of b'casters all producing their own stuff. can't keep up with the work.

what I do now.  Except I might have tried to be a wig jockey.  I pretty much do that anyway, but I'd have spent longer doing it, and it is fun.

I would give anyone,including myself four pieces of advice


(1) Don't

(2) F******

(3) Do

(4) It

If it still had to re-start in law, then I'd do what Tom Hagen did. 

Or be 'outside' it and do  bootlegging, or walk on the edge and apply to join one

of the secret intelligence services. 

I can't think of anything. I was tempted to say "be a barrister", but that looks shit too..

Actually, I'd join the GLS. If I had to be a lawyer.

Whatever pays the most. The job is boring, you're doing it because no other career pays anywhere near as well. Embrace that and earn. 

Having said  the above, I wouldn't have read law at all. I would have gone straight into work and the real world. Then travelled, learnt other languages (which I have done to an extent, but not as much as I would have liked) and not return to Britain. 

I'd do funds for the international opportunities inhouse. And how hard can it be lbh?

It I had my time again I’d determinedly seek out a job which I could imagine actually laughing or smiling while doing. I don’t mean having a joke with colleagues in between doing work. I mean could I imagine actually smiling while working or laughing, enjoying levity, during a work conversation.

I can’t see that any area of legal practice would meet this criterion.

Only advice would be the same as I give now - even if you have done law as a degree, go and do another career and if you still fancy law, come and do your law shizzle. Don't choose this as your first option. 

I have this Laz, but I had to get out of a law firm to do it.