If you were remortgaging right now would you get a fixah or do u think current fixah rates are blatant profiteering renting off the back of fear?
Sir Woke XR Re… 02 Dec 22 10:47
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tell uncle laz

base rates are coming down next March. wld float if I had to get a mortgage now. Would not get a mortgage now - residential property will be 10% cheaper by the end of next year. 

For now would find out if there is anyone that works in commercial property in the neighbourhood whose house you like. Drop a note through saying I'm here to save you on estate agent fees when you lose your job next year. 

we may actually be about to aggressively engidge as it’s such a buyer’s market at the mo that buying without selling either of our existing properties first makes sense. We will sell one of them to redelever eventually but maybe only in 1-2yrs. Pending that we could easily be at 4.5x combined salary. If we go close to the wire I will prob fix tor 2yrs as rate risk becomes existential.

As the local guru on matters state realistic I applaud you going long. Assuming you don’t also go hungry or bankrupt. 

For moving up the value chain I’d consider engidgifying but being gidge-zero means my lived experience of recessions is as smooth and stress free as the baby’ proverbial and I’m not sure I want to change that.

If for investment purposes, nearly always fix for the certainty. Fixed one of our BTLs for 5 years - admittedly just before the mini-budget, so lower rates than now - but still higher than the 3 year fix that was coming to an end. 

Domestic - not so sure as not had one for a while, but would certainly consider tracker if going right now.



I don’t think they will let rates go higher than this. If inflation stays high they will increase income tax. 

At the end of the day that’s what the BoE - Kamikwaze stare-off was about, and Kamikwaze blinked. Our course is now set. Income taxes will rise. Rates will be held down somehow. If necessary the £ will fall again.

Next year will be a great time to buy. 10-15% off, buyers market, rates heading back down. 

Laz, surely your housing association has already explained to you that you're not allowed to mortgage your council house. 

SL, since there is nothing wrong with living in a housing association, I am unsure of the basis of your goad

I never said there was anything wrong with living in either. They are time-honoured traditional abodes for, inter alia, tubby ginger losers. 

Greedily hogging up a valuable spot in a HA property when you already own 2 others, should be a flogging offence. 

Some socialist you are…

we’ve missed you SL, and your mastery of the two-footed lunge followed immediately by selfbukkake


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