If you were to move to the seaside.......

Where would you go, and why?

I hear that Brighton is a very happy place.

At least it was something like that.


My perfect job is that of the bloke who drives up and down the beach all day in a little boat fitted with brushes to collect flotsam and jetsam like a waterborne roadsweeper.

Clock on - bugger about in the sunshine and warm breezes in boats on a calm sea.  Baguette, cheese and ouzo. snooze. - clock off. 


I would go to a particular beach in northumberland which is quiet and beautiful, the precise location of which I am keeping secret.  

Tricky.  There are some great spots on the coast round the New Forest but you'll never be allowed to build there.  Also I'd love to be by the sea with no neighbours but close enough to somewhere to volunteer for the lifeboat but don't think that's possible.

sails there are plenty of places on the south coast, where one can live happily, I am not sure being able to build is a prerequsite, the OP was about moving to the seaside , not about building.

Ok so fuckit I’m waiting at the bus stop and I have 10 minutes.

I have several homes ‘by the seaside’ and so far they have all been unmitigated fucking crap.  Painfully so. 

Tecco Towers was originally conceived as a place to get away from it all.  Unfortunately that got a bit extreme and the only people I spoke with were my housekeeper and gardener.

Tecco Beachhouse is a work in progress.  I’m not sure how the emmets will be.

Anyway, unless you can throw a few hundred years of land ownership at the locals, it’ll be 3-4 generations until you’re considered a local.  

Just as an FYI.

Nonsense Tecco in this country you can be considered a local after 40 years or so in the same village.

Grand Cayman was nice for a couple of years. I owned probably one of the nicest beachfront condos on the Island, on South Sound Road. Idyllic.

Not really built to withstand a category five hurricane though. I lost some money on that one. 

sails, that is utter nonsense. People who move to in or about London are considered "Londoners" well before 40 years, and London is an area in which it is perhaps the most difficult to be considered a " Londoner"

My parents bout an old vicarage in gloucestershire following my mother being posted up there. They slotted  in immediatley and were front and centre of all the "local" activities from day one,I doubt that could happen in a London suburb

The Yukon. No people. Grizzly wrestling for kicks.

*wonders what bit of "village" Bullshit Earnings didn't understand when he irrrelevently wibbled on about being a Londoner*

Luskentyre. Picture perfect and basically no human beings. People ruin everything.


Pros: Awesome pier with super-cool go-kart track. Sea life centre. Top quality restaurants. Brilliant chippies. Nice people. Super fun crazy golf course. Sand sculpture festival. Direct trains to Bristol, Bath and London. Next door to the M5. Beautiful Somerset countryside with loads of stuff to do like Cheddar Gorge and the best crazy golf course in the world in Cheddar. 

Cons: bit close to Wales for comfort. 


I used to think Cornwall... but then I was stuck down there for a year and found the people generally whinney, aggressive and entitled.  They also revelled in anyone else's misery.

So.... nah for rural Cornwall. 

I quite fancy Weymouth.

depends.  Strangford or thurlestone would be front runners but neither are particularly convenient for every day life


Good call on near Weston.

I would also add Brean Down to the list of good stuff.  Love that place.

Northumberland coast obviously.

Probably somewhere like Alnmouth, Bamburgh or Newton by the Sea

Ebit Londoners are such a varied group that you can claim to be a Londoner within about six months of moving here.  Go to a Sussex village of 600 people and it's at least 20 years before they stop considering you a newcomer and even then I'm looked at differently to my parents because I was born and brought up in the village and am moving back whereas my parents came from elsewhere and have only been there 50 years.

There's an amazing house on the beach near Lymington that I'll buy if I win the Euromillions.

I live 3 miles from the Glamorganshire Heritage Coast. Didn't realise how lovely it is until I moved back to Wales after almost 3 decades in exile.

Waves to Raddy Antic. 


Svalbard... ...to see polar bears before they become extinct.