If you were bald, would you grow a beard?
extremely worried 22 Apr 19 11:38
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Nope, not a fan of facial hair, I find it itches too much.

mr m has this thing now that ( whilst he will never vote Con ever again) Corbyn looks ill, maybe prostate cancer. I dont know why he thinks this. He keeps going on about how Corbyn cant fight an election.

TBH I probably would. I am a classic pasty brit and don't have much in the way of chin.  If I had no hair I would need a bit of beard to lengthen my face a bit I think.

I read somewhere beards are dirtier than dogs that have come back from a walk in the countryside. 

Surely people wash their beards when in the shower so the dirty thing isn't really a thing.

Beard and bald is the ultimate zero maintenance look for a bloke. 

Hair - none

Beard - present

Keys, wallet, phone.

out the door. 

Extremely at this time of year most dogs come back from a walk pretty clean unless they've been in a pond or stream or been lucky enough to find some fresh poo to roll in.

I've always thought bald and beard looks a bit peculiar.

Only works if the beard is trimmed and you keep yourself in reasonable shape.

Like Martin in Fleabag season 1 vs 2.

I am and I did. 

I'm married with a child now though, so nobody really cares.  It's very liberating.

I used to have some pretty decent sideburns. A couple of years ago I noticed I was thinning on top - went with shaving both hair and sideys off (ie, effectively bald except for eyebrows). My thought process was that if I kept the sideys post-shave, idiots would yuk about 'oh mate you painted the walls but not the ceiling'

Yes, a short stubbly beard.  But luckily (and touch wood) I’m not likely to go bald.

If you have a beard and a bald head, it's kind of like an optical illusion if you imagine the person's head/face topsy-turvy.