If you designed your own home
  • Or even a second home, what style would you go for?
  • I’d base it on a modern office but no more than three stores high. Lots of simply-joined rectangles. A good office is almost always better designed than a house.

I have done and it’s (worryingly) slightly as you describe - rectangles forming a sort of horseshoe and the central bit is three stories, the wing sides are two stories.

Well I went for converted barn style seeing as it was a barn before I converted it.  The rooms are basically all rectangular of square apart from where the outside walls weren't straight to start with.

I’d mix indoor and outdoor, public and private space. I’d like a living room that had doors that could be folded right back to merge it with a courtyard, in which there’d be. a fountain, and on the other side the garden. I’d have an open air kitchen.

Laz you'd like my ground floor where every room apart from one bedroom and the utility room has a door out into the yard at the back of the building.

Walled garden of about an acre (ideally an historic one).  L shaped glass and steel house in one corner set up against the wall.


If money were no object I'd go full grand designs.  Either one of those haybale eco houses with all ground sourced heating and hobbiton style turf roof or full on conversion of some ruined turret or water tower or oast house.

My mrs would not let me do this, even were money no object.


You could probably build a scale replica of bag end and fit right in wang m7.

I've done this, and it's modelled on Pat Sharpe's fun house.

I’d build it upside down. Bedrooms on the ground floor and living areas at the top with cathedral ceilings. Would quite like to go a bit Huf Haus, style wise. 

Bag end as described in the hobbit always struck me as a particularly lovely place to live Tecco.  Albeit somewhat lacking in natural light.

And the Shire is quite obviously hampshire.

We found a fantastic site in a location where they are scarce. 

Found an Architect that we liked.  He, thankfully, persuaded us away from a full design but came up with a broad estimate of costs - it was about a million euro.

The site wasn't up for sale, but we identified the owners (eventually - not easy in Ireland where so much land isn't registered) and  made a very generous offer to the brother and sister who co-owned the site.  They couldn't agree how to split it. It was complicated in that she owned the 'house' (a complete wreck that needed demolishing, but would guarantee planning permission, he owned the 'garden' (which was necessary to make the site attractive: but was also the right of way to give the best access to the hundred acres behind that he also owns, with a likely further six sites getting planning permission.

Four years later the site is still derelict.

wang owning up to having size 5, fat & hairy feet...

I do not believe the hobbits were ever described as having fat feet.

Hairy - guilty.

Also their feet were bigger than their stature would suggest so size five sounds about right.

Mine are 10, for the delectation of martian law.

I'd recreate a Tudor manor with a central courtyard, and definitely have a walled garden as well.

Arbiter, my house back in Oz was like that to take advantage of sea views. It had a massive balcony too with a hammock.

 the Shire is quite obviously hampshire

Birmingham and Warwickshire, Wang, by Tolkien's own admission. 

Luckily the author doesn't get to decide what he or she or x is banging on about.

I don't know, but it would be big.  Big houses  feel exciting when you move in but that wears off - unless you have a huge family don't give any more pleasure and just become hassle to fill, clean and maintain.  I can only assume most wealthy people live somewhere big for status reasons.

My granny spent years living in a huge house because she wanted to be the grand lady of the village with the big old house and she just ended up a dozen spare bedrooms that were all a bit damp and musty because they hadn't been used in decades.

I have a large home which is closed up because I don’t live there, was built for the anticipated family which never happened.  Ho hum.

Still, lots of space to store random junk that I’ve acquired over the years.

I really like the Laz house with the courtyard and FOUNTAIN. I love water features. Would like a little streamlet in my garden but Gwen dog would mess it up.


Like the star ship Enterprise cantilevered from a rocky cliff facing directly into the Atlantic gales... ...in Iceland.

You just want the holodeck so you can have an endless stream of bimbos to service you

They don't have to be human... ...boldly go and all that.

There’s a great line from Babylon 5 where the Lieutenant accidentally interrupts the captain as he is trying to get rid of a sexy spy type chick who just stripped off in front of him and she (the lieutenant) says “Sorry to disturb you, I’ll leave you to boldly go... where everyone has already been”. 

Or being penetrated by phallic gas from the planet system OrgA5m...

arbiterofgoodtaste27 Feb 20 15:26Reply | Report I’d build it upside down. Bedrooms on the ground floor and living areas at the top with cathedral ceilings. Would quite like to go a bit Huf Haus, style wise.


This is my house (warehouse conversion).

Having 5 metre ceilings is a bit of a pain at the moment tbh as I need to hire a special ladder to work out why one of the fans isn't working.