If you could be half human / half animal,

what animal would you be?

Would you be like Gordon in First Born?


I'd like to be half human, half leopard.

Top half or bottom half?

Or is this some sort of hybrid and you look like an extra in a production of Cats?


whatever you want.

I'd like to be me, but with way faster limbs, a tail, leopardine eyes and maybe with fur.

If I could be any combo without the human bit, I'd go top half giraffe, arse end penguin 

Long neck would be most convenient for seeing over the tops of people, buildings etc. The penguin find etc would enable me to swim like a pro.

You wouldn't be able to balance with that combo.

You wouldn’t be able to balance and you wouldn’t be able to swim. But by god would I pay to see you in the zoo!

I think that having a tail would in general be a really good thing.

Half weasel, half snake. 

There’s no estate agency in the world wouldn’t take me.

oh that's a really good one!

Half human, half leopard with wings like a butterfly

Top half rhino bottom half human.

would find employment with a Japanese chap who doesn’t like turtles 

Racing snake is a compliment for those of us who like skinny burds innit.