If three randoms turned up at your house thinking it was holiday accommodation

Would you let them stay??


Me - no, I'd tell them to sling their hooks.

Depends who they are, the time of day and where it is.  If they've turned up at my place they are effectively in the middle of nowhere so can't really find an alternative late at night.  As a kid we used to often get people on cycling holidays who'd appear and ask if they could pitch a tent in the farmyard.

I was astonished that lady let them stay.

Twice it’s happened to us, they were bogus Air BnB bookings. One time it was a family group and we arrived back home just as they were ringing the doorbell. When it became clear our house was not their booking they got a bit shirty and refused to remove their suitcases from the door step, the other time they just went away. I seem to remmeber the postcode was ours and also the house number but it was not our road.

The heading is a little misleading, in that it suggests the family were forced to let them stay.  The family chose to let them stay when there was no obligation on them to do so.

(But no I wouldn't let them stay).


Minikie what did the people who refused to move their luggage think was going to happen? That you'd give in and let them stay, presumably without payment?

I would be more likely to find the nearest available accommodation (surely there was some available - this was London ffs) and if they were vulnerable and without sufficient means, pay for a taxi to take them there.  If it was generally absolutely in the middle of nowhere hours from alternative accommodation of course I would put them up for the night if I could

I thought this was really decent of the householder to allow them to stay. The article makes clear that they couldn't find alternative accommodation.

There are some decent people out there.

Tom, I think it was more a case of them becoming angry when they realised what had happened. About 3 doors down there is a very cheap B&B hotel used mostly by Eastern Europeans, we pointed them in that direction (it’s very scuzzy, I went in there once to retrieve a parcel of mine they had taken in).

Also this was mid afternoon on a weekend, zone 2. Abs no need to take pity on them.

it hasnt happened since.


Guy, you really have no idea who these people are and in our case their English was extremely poor, no way were we going to invite them in.

minkie dont you live in London? As I said, I wouldnt do it in a city, I would do it if it was I was in the middle of nowhere and they had proof of booking (i.e. I was convinced they were genuine).