Idiot wastes money

‘If my son were old enough he’d be upset’


Where’s me compo?

We all know it's almost impossible to win on those things don't we?  I know someone though who was banned from the arcades in Hastings as she worked out how the teddy claw worked and won several teddies.

Trufax - Mrs G last week snagged not one but two teddies on the first go. Since named pinky and perky. 

My nippers did one at pompey maritime doodah the other week and won 4x from 4 goes.  20p a soft toy.  even strutter cant source stuffed toys for that net cost.  

Given the tone of the response from the head office about vulnerable adults I'd say the paper is doing the real exploiting here 

They are programmed to only exert enough force to actually lift a toy 1 in every X attempts on average. So on any given go it's likely to be impossible to win, and even if it is possible you still need to drop the claw in the right place. 

to be fair to Manchester, this is actually a Kent story

This raises a bigger problem of exploitation, yes, granted we know a claw machine in a resort is rigged but look at the mechanics that have swamped the games industry and is ramming gambling down the throats of kids and vulnerable adults

shit like this, gleefully defended by soulless fucking scumbags like Kerry Hopkins and the rets of the legal team at car crash disaster machine EA

Good point sumoking. 


Took Bentines Jr to the seaside where I used to go a couple of years back. Used to be loads of arcades there. Naive of me really, can hardly expect to find them still full of Out Run and After Burner cabinets, but still a shock to see how many had closed and the remainder were full of bandits and claw machines. I think we found a Mario Kart dual cabinet, spent £2 for one race and came home. It was raining heavily obv. 

That caravan park at Camber is quite nice. She'd prob suit the Pontins next door.