Ideas please

so I am trying to cut down on going out and boozing.

What can I do at home for free?  I find watching telly quite dull and I already read a lot, so other suggestions please.

Write. Poems, novel, blog, whatevs.


Mindful colouring books.

Educational podcasts on iTunes U

Learn to code on code academy

Take a free course on EdX



computer/video games

tv/documentary watching

online classes


colouring books

sewing and making stuff to sell

design your own website to sell your own stuff.

Find a hobby: Learn a language. Practise some art or drawing or learn calligraphy. Learn to sew or knit. Bake. Cook. Go and volunteer for something. Do some yoga. Get a pet. Go for a walk. Sleep. Repaint a room. Go to a film festival. Go to a museum. Go to an art gallery. Go out for a meal on your own. Get an allotment and start gardening (or get a window box or grobag and start from there).


write your memoirs

make your own Christmas cards/wrapping paper

Do a walking tour of the world on google earth streetview.  Pick a sot in every country and write a story about an imaginary adventure you had there.


Start a cult dedicated to Bungle from Rainbow.  Make it a death cult.

You can also get those cardboard VR headsets that your phone will slot into and do the google earth tour that way - it's freakily good.

If you're going to do a Rainbow related death cult, I'd go for the unholy trinity of Rod, Jane and Freddie tbh.

how does one start a death cult?


what are the fundamental requirements?

Make some money by doing webcam/phoneline naughtiness

Host boardgame nights

Host dinner parties


Start following someone obsessively?

Unless it is me, in which case don’t bother as you will just end up spending more time in the pub than you do now.

Are you sure?   Can't imagine David Koresh getting everyone round the ol' joanna for a sing song.

you will just end up spending more time in the pub than you do now.

Your poor liver, Struts.

I actually think that I have a very good voice for a sex line.

To quote Richard Burton in ‘The Wild Geese’ - there’s a clause in all my contracts that my liver is to be buried separately with full military honours.

The piano is correctly said to be fundamental to founding a death cult.

I propose that the goal is to find the note which represents the resonating frequency of the human body, and once found, the death cult should start up the aforementioned adult entertainment telephone service, and sing the resonating frequency to every tenth customer, causing them to explode.

I have the ultimate solution which I have discovered recentl


Go out anyway and just dont booze.


I never thought I could do it before but after a while it was so much easier than I thought

I need to learn to be able to relax in my own flat.

ah I see.


Are you relatively recently single by any chance?



So rather than ideas to help you relax in your flat the first question is why do you feel unable to relax in your flat currently? 

Futurelearn have hundreds of online courses on every conceivable subject, do some of them?

Learn the ukulele

there was a ukelele on sale in Lidl recently. Mr Woo bought one for Red.

Lear’s, last time I was poking around the CIA website I found some declassified archive documents relating to research they did in the early 80s to find the resonating frequency at which the human body can achieve out of body experiences for intel gathering purposes. There was a whole study course and everything. 

I’m gonna look tonight! There’s a ton of interesting stuff there for those who are a bit underemployed 

Play fallout.  Reread books you love.  Brood about how unnecessarily empty your life is and wish that you were one of those people that wasn’t very clearly going to end up dying alone.

Works for me!