Ideal Irish male physique

Michael Fassbender

Reckon most Irish blokes would probably say Brian O'Driscoll in his pomp.  Sadly the attainable reality is probably more like Rory Best currently... 

Pale to the point of transparency. Hairy. Wearing Gaelic shorts

Is this a description of Paul Mescal?  At least the Gaelic shorts.

Fassbender is half German and was born there. He may be what Irish males should aspire to be but I'm not sure we can get there without some teutonic genes.

Yeah Neil Hannon would probably get it from me too, although I’d be a bit worried about breaking him. 

oh what were those two Father Ted / Alan Partridge writers? Linnehan and Matthews: At least one of them is probably a contender too. 

Btw I’m having great fun imagining Cillian Murphy lurking on this thread, frantically clicking refresh and getting more wtaf with every new post.

 I see you, Cillian. 

It's either Conor Murray or it's Mr Fox. But really only one of them brings me a coffee in bed before he goes to work, so I think that tips the balance.

He did an Agatha Christie thing called And Then There were None, in which he was terrifically well groomed. They left the body hair intact though, I noticed. “”

Is the ex Ireland International rugby star Brian carney not the hottest rooster in the barn? His hair is magnificent. Simultaneously both a man's and woman's man.

Because the discussion is about blokes, it's OK to label it "ideal physique", and dropping the notion that personality and personal achievements matter lol.  Whereas I suspect a thread about "woman with hottest body" might attract the new morality police

forgot Colin Farrell??  I went to school with him and don't remember him at all... (also Stuart Townsend but I remember him... sadly)

As an Irish man, I can tell you that the ideal Irish body is 500 acres, a Massey Ferguson and frontage (you might want to look that up)

Yup.  Speaking with some old school buddies recently, I asked was I mis remembering because I was jealous he went out with Charlize... nope, they reminded me that everyone hated him

Didn't he throw a hissy fit on the set of Lord of the Rings and was promptly fired, what has he done since?

well I once heard a girl at a Hunt Ball say "if he doesn't own a combine harvester, I'm not interested"... 


I bet ronan keating could write u some properly shyt poetry, anon

Yep, when it comes to the art of writing Celtic poetry, there no one who can touch Ryan Giggs, obvs.