I’d quite like to bonk

1. A Japanese woman

2. A Korean woman

3. A Brazilian woman


I'd quite like to bonk a Japanese woman with a Brazilian after a Chinese, if that helps.

I'm sorry, I just heard someone say "bonk" so I must have fallen down a tunnel into the 19 fucking 80s ? 

unless of course by bonk you mean "fuck into a quiverring sweaty heap of well satisified lady flesh" like an actual adult would say

Bonk is a great word.

This is the problem with 2019, everyone wants all that sweaty heap stuff.  Give me a good old fashioned bonk any day.

Much more innocent.

Darling, I’m just popping out to bonk Moira from next door - back in about an hour.  Yep love you too.

And you wonder why some women have a problem with you?

Also, there is something fundamentally creepy about reducing entire races of women down to their physical characteristics and fetishising them for it.

It is great to have epic bellendos maximosa like DDK (which as i type it sounds like something that shouldnt have been used in the vietnam war) around because it means a bloke only has to be passingly normal to get snoggage.*


went a little bit lydia there didnt i...

So, I watch the vaginas go by? One after another? Heh 

How’s your relationship btw you didn’t mention it for some time. Like, you found some junkie in some foster home, and then?

if we are going to slag off tecco please could I lead the way, he really deserves better syntax.  

"Why not?" heh

If you need tecco to explain that to you, you have no hope. 



he's like if the two ronnies tried to make skins

I dont know what skins is but I will defend the two ronnies to my death*

*they are both dead I think so it would mainly be light lawnmowering and fresh plantage**

** probably inventing some amusing graffiti for the gravestone

skins as in the terrible teeny drugs and sex show, or

skins as in peeling the skins off dead people to make human skin gimp suits that look like the Two Ronnies and wearing them to act out their scketches? "Four Candles?" 

Probably wouldn't boink a Japanese woman cos they've got pixellated fanoirs.  It'd be like fucking a bucket of Lego. 

I have always said you were a loon, even when you posted as Traumatico, and people were saying no no  hes ok when you get to know him, but I kept saying no  he's a loon , then I met you once briefly and thought I was right, you are a loon


and you are still a loon

They’re only pixelated to spare you the shock of seeing they go side to side not up and down.