Iconic Sportspeople of the last c.25 years
Transdimension… 15 Sep 22 18:15
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Been a bit spoiled really, going to be hard for future generations to top this lot in one go:

Tennis = Venus/Serena & Fed/Nadal/Djoko

Golf = Tiger

Football = Messi/Ronaldo

Athletics = Usain Bolt

Swimming = Phelps

Snooker = Ronnie

Darts = Phil Taylor

F1 = Hamilton

NFL = Brady

NBA = Kobe/Lebron


May be missing some obvious ones. Not bad though.


I think I'm saying there has been a disproportionately high number of what I would term 'iconic' sportspeople produced in the last 25 years.

Perhaps I should have said generation. Pele and Schumacher were hardly of the same era.



Jack Nicklaus

Carl Lewis


Which bit of 'last 25 years' is confusing you?

They are the 25 years before your 25...

Point being every generation thinks theirs is iconic

So in 25 it will be a piece of piss to name 


Ok swap Pele for maradoba


What help would that be, given he's also not of this generation? 

Pele was overrated anyway.

Dan Marino

Iconic name, give you that. Young/Montana/Elway wold have been better though.






Heh @ Djokovic being iconic. 

Heh@ snooker and darts players being iconic.


Can't realistically have a tennis conversation about the greats without him in it. He's a bit of a tit though.

See above for snooker & Ronnie.

Taylor was slightly tongue-in-cheek, admittedly, but has won more world championships in his sport than anyone, so what else could he be reasonably described as? He's won 200+ professional tournaments, including a record 85 major titles and a record 16 World Championships. 

Whether you like them or their sport is immaterial.

Have a feeling Haaland may eclipse Messi and Ronaldo.


Short of some awful injuries, I can see that. He's already approaching 30 CL goals whereas CR7 hadn't scored one at the same age. Frightening.

Great to watch though, club loyalties aside, hope he smashes in 50 this season. 

On the basis that darts is a sport (tedes, it is so just leave it) Taylor will go down as the greatest sportsman in terms of dominance, success and longevity.

Fair. I only really consider Federer an icon of those 3, tbh. Just an absolute artist and a gent to boot.

Nadal is dull as ditchwater, much as I admire his grit and determination, and Djoko is, well, Djoko.

Loads of people say that. Can't see it personally, though. I think old Ronaldo is overly romanticised.

CR7 scored more goals than games played for Real Madrid, that is just insane. Smashed Raul's record in about half the games. Before you even get to Ballon D'ors and CLs, etc.

Plus CR7's professionalism puts R9's to shame.  

Yes he was a bit tubby. Didn't like to move off his spot much in the later years. That's all part of the legend. 

"Yes he was a bit tubby. Didn't like to move off his spot much in the later years. That's all part of the legend"

Andy Fordham? 

Love R9, don't get me wrong, at his peak probably the greatest striker ever. One of my favourite memories was watching him score that brace in the 2002 final on the Sunday, on the big screen at Glastonbury, bringing in a £500 win that paid for most of the weekend.

CR7 is just an absolute machine though, his peak has lasted about 15 years. That alone puts him a cut above, for me. Not sure we'll ever see the like again. 

You can’t be a tit and an icon. That’s not how it works. 


Someone should tell Alphonse Areola.

Got to be between Jonah and Dan Carter for rugby icon, I'd say. Not to any of their faces, obviously.

Yep Warnie needed a mention well said.

Always Lomu in rugby for.me. Probably the only true global rugby icon to crossover like that

True story

A chap on a pro am golf day topped his drive, and said ‘that was a bit of a Sally Gunnell!’

(In case you don’t know, that’s’ugly but running well’.)

The guy he was playing with then introduced himself as her Dad