Iconic '80s adverts

Were the 1980s the gold age for TV ads?

Nick Kamen stripping off in a laundrette famously increased Levi's sales by hundreds of percent

The Lurpak ads (the trombone playing little butter figure) were awesome and made that brand

Nescafe Gold Blend invented a whole new genre 

what else?


yes, both good nominations

what about the other iconic yellow pages ad with the teenage boy who had the party whilst his parents away and needs a French polisher?

That Yellow Pages advert was used in a Sid the Sexist cartoon in Viz. Really good.

Flake adverts, Shake 'n' Vac

And J R Hartley.

Cinzano with Joan Collins and Leonard rossiter

Those Volkswagen adverts

It was very weird

In the case of levi's jeans and wrigleys gum they were so significant culturally that people went to the cinema to see the latest ads. And the levi's ads produced a whole album of number one singles that had featured in their commercials.

"I bet he drinks Carling Black Label"

"Nah. He doesn't wash his underpants"!

Sorry there is no way anyone went to the cinema to see an advert fffs

Bear in mind there were only 3 then 4 tv channels

Yeah, still, ooh shall we see whats on at the cinema? Ooh who cares, they have adverts.


I think these were 80s:


Mr Soft Trebor


The Red Car and the Blue Car had a Race

Colgate Blue minty gel - some kids sing along to 'Baggy Trousers' tune by Madness but change the words to Colgate Blue Minty Gel. That was cool.  

The Nescafe Gold Blend soap opera 

The VW Golf GTi with the woman leaving the flat in the night before’s fur coat, throwing her engagement ring down the gutter, chucking her heels and getting into the car...if only everything was as reliable as a Volkswagen

I never particularly liked the Hofmeister follow the bear ads but maybe I was too young to understand them

Fosters ads with Paul Hogan - morris men and fox hunting (which one’s Morris/ it’ll wont take em long to catch that pack of dingoes) 

Heineken - the water in majorca


Cadbury's Flake.

The fruity lady performing fellatio on a chocolate bar wouldn't be allowed nowadays. 

wasn't nicole 90s rog.

the carling black lable ads were funny

St-St-Studio Line (hair mousse). Lots of jazzy colours and the inevitable saxophone.

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Cadbury's Flake.

The fruity lady performing fellatio on a chocolate bar wouldn't be allowed nowadays. 


Yeah and the sechsy Cadburys Caramel cartoon bunny was voiced by Miriam Margolyes. Phwoooar!

you do the shake and vac to get the freshness back.


what will it be for tea tonight, I hope its chips it's chips


opal fruits ( my kids call them that still) made to make your mouth water

The radioactive glowing kid in Ready Brek. Or was that 70s?

That ad about turning all your appliances off at the socket before going to bed

That’s the vw one I meant muttley!

oooooo bidyform bodyform for youuuuuuuuhh

the roller skating tampax one

McCain oven chips to the tune of Que Sera.

Will it be mushrooms, fried onion rings....?  You'll have to wait and see!

Little did we know that we didn't need to worry about how many times we could re-record on videotape because the whole format would soon be obsolete anyway.


Wearing farcical lino attire

Winged fraulein lands askew

Wives for lovelorn androids

The City Wanker Audi advert though that may have been early 90s.

Wrigleys sharing chewing gum on the bus. 

Anchor Butter and the singing cows

Phone ringing in deserted Carlsberg complaints room and it’s a wrong number 


The City Wanker Audi advert though that may have been early 90s.

Think it was early 90s. I searched for that one for ages.  Sadly, an inspiration to a misguided youth (me) to work in the City.

The City Wanker Audi advert had a counterintuitive effect. It moved a lot of wankers out of BMWs to Audis. Audi was not a tosser marque hitherto but there were loads of Beemer tossers who saw that advert and thought “I need an Audi so people don’t think I’m like that”. 

Renault did an even more eighties ad about a chap starting his own business and regretting having to give up his Renault 21 company car (with remote control lock). 

It's too orangey for crows. It's just for me and my dog.

Now fvck off. I hate nostalgia and I hate advertising. 

amazing that was as late as ‘87 - has the feel of the original Tom and Jerry cartoons.