Iceland has banned unvaccinated visitors

Fine, I don't disapprove in principle, but am not sure how to prove that I am vaccinated so I guess I will not be visiting.

PS where is fluffy??

Unvaccinated against what? TB? AIDS? The cold?

Dont countries already do this with a lot of things, e.g. yellow fever.

Slick way of keeping out the forrins then. I mean, the forrins from the wrong places.

Wonder if Trump has thought of that.

I think Europeans are among the worst for MMR refusal

Although was a flight from the Philippines that precipitated the ban

Yes proving it would be fun if it's the old school ones rather than ones that need renewing like tetanue

these days kids have those red books that have a record, mine were all recorded by hand on a little piece of card 

and they didn't do rubella in my day (have had it though, remember I had to have a blood test to prove I was immune when pregnant)

Iceland the shop could do with adopting this policy - the state of the customers in my local branch...

This is just a joke article isn't it?

I can't find a reference other than on Patheos.

Could never be enforced. I got the BCG at school. What should I do, find the now-geriatric nurse to confirm?

I think when I got vaccinated back in the 80s there was no MMR you had to do them all seperately.  one of them was splodged onto a sugar cube iirc.

someone told me it was real

I can't speak for whether they were deadpanning me

It should be in your GP records. There weren't red books when I was a kid either but I was able to check my MMR status with my GP. My housemate at the time had mumps whilst I was at my Mum's but I needed to go back to stay there for an interview. Had a booster anyway but it was good to know that I'd been done as a kid.

If it's not in your records, just have them redone. Bosh.

Presumably they could just require a blood test to prove immunity if you can't provide medical evidence. You do know that they write all the shit that happens to you medically down somewhere?

I like the way Iceland and other Scandinavian countries do this type of thing. Here we'd have some middle-class twat starting a judicial review because Doctor Mumbo Jumbo published a paper saying Quentin would get autism assuming he managed to fight off the smallpox, measles etc.

the blood test was the worst thing about rubella

the second worst was that they only gave it to girls "because your baby might be born disabled"

have they never heard of herd immunity the stupid fucktards?

well obviously now they have since it's in the MMR

actually I am fairly sure I had mumps measels and german measels so maybe they didnt vaccinate for it at all

apparently they don't bother with the bcg any more??

They never did in hamps either clergs.  I am probably a petrie dish of super antibodies

They don't Clergs. My kid got it anyway but that was exceptional 

Wang I also grew up in Hampshire and def had the BCG. At school we used to squeeze the scars to see whose would pop. Loads of yellow-green goo.

why do you reckon they stopped it??

my scar has gone now


Wango assuming you are my age or older then mmr came later on, I didn’t have it either.

they currently only immunise girls to HPV (tho I think that is changing) 

Fred it may have been because I changed schools - missed it in both perhaps

men are more likely to die from HPV-induced cancer than women (assuming that they are gentlemen) so it is ridic that boys don't currently get it

They only do bcg in the uk if you’re likelt to come into contact with populations that have it. Which includes any baby born in london - both of my kids have had it (although there is a national shortage of the vaccine these days so it’s hard to find)

i guess you’d have to blood test for immunity for olds like us. No idea where my medical records would be, suspect my family doctor from growing up is dead and all his files burned with him. 

I used to hate it when the school doctor held your knob with his cold hands as he administered the BCG.


Not all areas of London tc - my kids (Merton) weren't offered it but they were next door in Wandsworth

all the vaccinations I had in the 70s/80s certainly aren't on my medical record

Mebbe just the areas that have brown people in them queenie!


they should ban their parents too. 

khunts, the lot of them

Iceland has NOT banned unvaccinated visitors.

it's a very silly idea.